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Kingston Comms of KCom is recognized by a lot of people when it comes to steady and reliable connection not just for the home but also for the office. In fact, the company has received several ISP awards because of the good broadband and phone services that they provide in the UK.

  • KCOM Reviews

Internet Service Provider: Kingston Comms Broadband

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Review of Kingston Comms ISP:


KCom is considered as one of the companies which have the most number of consumer and business clients. This is primarily because they offer various packages that are designed to match the needs of their customers without causing a big dent on their budget. Among the options include Network Services, Business Network and Business Broadband. Yes, the company seems to be leaning more towards business use but there should be no reason not to get their services for home use.

The cheapest broadband plan they do is called the Karoo Lite and has a generous 5GB monthly usage allowance which costs £8.68 for the first 3 months then £13.28 thereafter.  This special offer is only available to new broadband customers only and there is a setup charge of £30 and comes with an 18 month contract.

The most expensive broadband plan is called Karoo Pro2 and has a massive 150GB download usage allowance; 1Mbps upload speed, free setup, free router upgrade, static IP address and 10 email addresses. The free wireless router that Kcom provide is the Techincolour TG582n and it comes with 4 fast Ethernet ports, 1 USB port (Shared Printers, Shared Files), IPv6 ready and is compatible with 802.11n wireless protocol.  If you want the router to be pre-configured with your personal Kcom broadband settings then you have to pay £5.10 but this includes delivery.  If you just require a simple wired router then they provide a Thompson st516 router that is still powerful for non-wireless customers.

For their business internet package, Kcom can provide basic internet speed which works for people who have minimal needs for online connection and at the same time they also have packages which can go as fast as 1GB speed.  Aside from that, the company also throws in a few more features like the domain name registration or transfer, IP address allocation and SMTP mail feed.

It is also good that KCom has a wider coverage than other companies. They can reach out to almost the entire country. Plus, the customer support is also pretty impressive. They can provide assistance any time and any day. The services they provide leads to satisfaction of their customers.

Benefits of Kingston Comms:

e    Free Technical Support and impressive UK customer care support.    
e    They give you a free wireless n router with many of the broadband deals.
e    Additional features for business’ online operations (VoIP, Hosting, Telephone Systems)
e    Varying broadband connection speed to satisfy every customer need.

Disadvantages of Kingston Comms:

e    A tad expensive for home internet connections based against the better known brands.
e    Difficulty in determining the right package (in terms of price, speed and added features)

Recommendations for Kingston Comms:

e    Try to offer a cheaper range of broadband plans to capture the share of market that just uses the internet for emailing, browsing and playing on Facebook.

Overview Score:

8 out of 10

  • Nick
    Being a new customer with Kcom or Karoo as it is locally known I must say I am fairly impressed with the service I have recieved from them so far. Although I am fairly knowledgable myself I had a little trouble with the initial connection due to being accidently issued a black listed static IP address after a quick 10 minute phone call we had the connection running smoothly at a reasonable 18mbps during peak times with 0 packet loss very important for gaming in addition they actually connected me 3 days sooner than they said they would which considering it was over the christmas holidays was impressive in its own right. with regards to costs, I am currently paying 40 a month for their home extra package which gives me a hefty 300gb per month download limit, a home phone with 180 inclusive mobile minutes per month as well as infinite national calls they also installed the phone connection for free and provided me with a wireless router and advice on setting up a home media network for no charge. As a gamer I dont need the fastest connection but i do require a stable connection and so far I’ve had no problems in that department. And with speeds high enough for me to happily stream 1080p movies at peak times I’m more than happy with them :)
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