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IDNet Reviews

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For a small scale UK ISP, IDNet continues to get positive online reviews from users and consumers throughout the UK. Interestingly, IDNet is offering superfast internet (FTTC) which can reach up to 80 Mbps. To make things even better, the price range for the different plans is more pocket-friendly that others offering similar broadband services.

  • IDNet Reviews

Internet Service Provider: IDNet Broadband

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Review of IDNet ISP:


IDNet is not just focused on providing a fast and stable internet connection. The company also provides other services like web storage, anti-virus, static IP address (IPv4 or IPv6) and other features which are included in the higher broadband deals. There are also other broadband deals which would give you an opportunity to increase the size of data usage allowance up to 400GB. Of course, additional payment would apply for the extra data usage and would be aimed at the high-end internet users who use Bit torrent for downloading and uploading large HD files.  This IDNet package called Home SuperPro Fibre uses FTTC technology to allow you speeds up to 80Mbps and will cost around £47.99 per month.    

The most basic plan, called IDNet Home Starter is being offered by IDNet costs £15.31 per month. This price already includes the monthly VAT and is a 1 month rolling contract. This basic broadband plan will give you up to 24 Mbps speed and 24GB usage (4GB peak and 20GB off peak). Yes, this is a tad more expensive than other similar plans but at least, there is less hassle and interruption with IDNet.

It seems that IDNet do not provide a free wireless router but do allow you to buy some high brand router from companies like Netgear (CISCO).  They have WiFi routers such as Netgear DGN1000, WNR1000, DG834G and Netgear DG834G with prices ranging from £45 to £61.  The best thing about these wireless routers is that they come pre-configured so the installation process is seamless and the customer has to worry about nothing.
The price that you would pay for IDNet is quite reasonable for the services that you would get. This may not be able to surpass the standard of more expensive UK ISP plans but it would not hurt your pocket either. IDNet will do fine for the casual home user or even a small office internet user.

Benefits of IDNet:
e    Free Migration to IDNet, transferring your phone service and broadband for free, and only takes 3 days for broadband and 10 days for phone and you keep the same number.
e    You can count on good experienced UK customer support for your concerns and they have free 0800 numbers to use.
e    Unlimited Email Accounts
e    One Month contracts with no cancellation penalties
Disadvantages of IDNet:
e    The usage quota for the basic package has to be improved since this usually pushes the consumers to opt for the higher packages because it is not enough.
e    IDNet do not provide a free wireless router, they give you the chance to buy a recommended router from £40.
Recommendations for ICUK:

e    Include a free wireless n router such as the Netgear DGN2000 in the package as this will improve a customere's internet experience and will give your service a better service level as wireless n router perform a lot better than b /g routers.

Overview Score for IDNet:

6 out of 10

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