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The reputation of took a number of years before it officially rocketed and become one of the most trusted providers in the UK. It is primarily because this is a vISP (Virtual Internet Service Provider) so it is often left unnoticed by consumers and even by award-giving ISP bodies. These days, has established their spot in the field of internet services and they have won the hearts of a lot of UK people for honest reliable broadband. However, it could not be forgotten that there have been a lot of customer concerns over the past few years due to some network and technical issues.

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When it comes to price, the rates offered by are generally below UK average. Yes, their broadband fees are relatively lower than others but when you consider the lack of features and services, this is just the right amount and will suit the basic internet user. The basic plan is just £11.99 per month. This will allow you to enjoy up to 24 Mbps and 10GB of monthly download usage allowance (they don’t take into account upload data which most bigger ISP have started to do as a trick to use your limits up).  There are no minimum contract lengths and their support services are backed by a UK based team.
On all LLU Value+, Standard and Premium broadband packages you get a free wireless ADSL router from the Thomson brand and its model name is the Thompson TG585v8.  This wireless router includes 4 10/100 LAN ports and is compatible with 802.11 b/g wireless protocols only.  If you cancel the service within 12 months then you will be liable to pay £52 to cover the cost of the free router.
With the Thomson TG585v8 you can experience wireless freedom at lightning-fast speeds with an 802.11b/g wireless LAN access point and integrated ADSL modem - it offers seamless connection of wired and wireless worlds from anywhere in the home or office.
There does seem to be an issue on who can get Fast Broadband services, after trying to make sense of their confusing website it does seem that you need to be in Market 3 before you can actually subscribe to Fast.  Market 1 is where BT Wholesale is the only provider, Market 2 is when they are 2 or 3 different providers of broadband and Market 3 is where there are 4 or more including BT.  This is confusing for the average UK customer so it is recommended you use their Line Checker tool to see what BT market your area is in.

The plus side with is that it offers upgrade for monthly usage allowance. At £20.39 per month, you can have 40GB of monthly download usage (does not take into account uploaded data which is good). The Fast contract with the company involves 3 months of lock in and various other features like anti-virus and anti-spam for email.

A lot of people also opt for because they offer super fast internet connection which goes up to 40Mb in speed. This service is now recognised as FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) this is where BT runs a fibre cable from the local exchange to the BT street cabinet nearest your house.   This can provide up to 40Mbps broadband to those customers whose phone line is fed from a cabinet rather than directly back to the BT telephone exchange.  The upload speed is up to 2Mbps and has download caps from 20GB to 100GB and costs from £22.45 to £51.05 respectively.

They also have UK phone line rental service that range from £13.19 per month for 6 month contract. It is a good thing that there are a lot of available broadband packages from as advanced users can pick the best that suit their needs. However, because the company gives multiple names for their plans, and a large number of bandwidth usage choices choosing the one that fits can be quite confusing for most consumers.  

Benefits of

e    The internet speed is decent enough and remains stable.
e    Doesn’t take into account uploaded data into monthly data usage, bigger ISP’s actually add uploaded data to your bandwidth limit to make you reach your limit quickly and charge you for excess at around £1 per GB over limit.
e    Superfast internet speed via FTTC is available (up to 40 Mbps).
e    The company provides excellent UK support for their customers as well as speed and line checking tools.

Disadvantages of

e    The price is more expensive compared to competitors.
e    It would be better to increase the usage allowance for the packages so the money is more worth it.
e    Only has a router that support wireless b and g protocols, bigger ISPs now ship a wireless n router (802.11n) as it performs a lot better in terms of Wifi stability and speed when multiple Wifi devices are attached.

Recommendations for Be Broadband:

e    Give customers a free wireless n router such as the Thompson TG585N as this will improve a customer’s internet experience and will give your service a better service level.

e    Try to make easier broadband packages for customer who have no idea how much they download, you can do this by making 3 or 4 packages and give examples of what each package is designed to do. E.g. Fast Light Package will be aimed at users who just browse and email and look at Facebook.

Overview Score:

6 out of 10

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