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BE Broadband Reviews

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The fixed line network of BE Broadband is owned and shared with O2. Hence, when it comes to stability and broadband performance, the two are quite similar. What set the difference between the two are the broadband package rates. Truth be told, BE Broadband is getting better online reviews than O2 despite their affiliation. In fact, it has won more ISP awards because of excellent consumer satisfaction and great resources such as IRC, Wiki pages and a popular forum.

  • BE Broadband Reviews

Internet Service Provider: BE Broadband

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Review of BE Broadband ISP:


The reputation of BE Broadband may have been tarnished in 2011 because of the capacity and latency issues but this problem has been resolved when the network implemented massive upgrades in the UK.  This seems to have made the issue of over subscribing a little better and now providing a good value service.   

Another advantage of BE Broadband is that it has an up to 16Mbps Be Unlimited broadband package which will give you unlimited usage and download limits for between £22 and £25 per month, depending on length of contract. This is more expensive than the 12 Mbps package which only costs £17.00 but you can feel safe with unlimited usage and no bandwidth penalties. The offer from BE Broadband comes with free connection, free wireless router (802.11 b/g only though) and a 12-month lock in contract. You can also opt for the three-month term contract but the price per month increases considerably.

As an added bonus, Be Broadband also offers a Home Phone service. The plan which costs £10 per month would allow you to enjoy the basic functions of line rental. For extra services like the anytime calls, additional fees would be applied. The total monthly payment could surmount to about £14 but includes calls to UK landlines 24/7, UK 0845 and 0870 numbers and calls to USA and Canada.  You can also add on extra features such as Call Waiting, Ring Back, Call Divert, Block Numbers, Caller Display and Voicemail for an additional price.

If you are looking for faster internet connection which is true 24Mbps+, BE Broadband would not be able to provide you with that on its standard services. The internet packages they offer may be good enough for usual internet use but not for those who demand rapid internet for extensive downloading and other online activities which require super speed like what fibre and cable services currently offer.

Recently though BE Broadband have been promoting their new service called Be Broadband Line Bonding; this allows you to double your maximum speed by bonding two lines at the exchange level.  Currently you can get the first 3 months free and free connection when you quote eoeLINEBONDING3e at signup.  This includes a special dual ADSL2+ bonded router (4 10/100 LAN ports, 2 USB) and is 802.11g compatible; you also get a free static IP address.  For this package it will cost you £65.00 a month for a 12 month contract which if you are after the best possible speed in your area then it may be worth the extra cost.

Benefits of Be Broadband:

e    Reliable speed that is also now reliable due to recent network upgrades.
e    Commendable customer support and excellent resources (IRC, Forums, Wiki pages) which enabled the company to receive ISP awards in 2010 and 2011.
e    Good choice of line rental packages to suit anyone's needs.
e    Line Bonding Services that allow you to get the maximum speed in your area.

Disadvantages for Be Broadband:

e    Superfast broadband is not available in 100% of the UK so you cannot opt for 24Mbps+ plan.
e    Some capacity and latency issues which bug the users. Company has been trying to fix this but the implementation should have done more quickly and planned better.
e    Their free wireless router is not compatible with the wireless n protocol (802.11n) so the Wifi connection will not perform as well as it should do.

Recommendations for Be Broadband:

e    The website looks very dull and unfriendly, maybe a splash of colour may inspire new novice customers to sign up as at the moment the website looks designed for the more technical user.
e    Offer Wireless N Routers so customers can fully take advantage of Be Broadband faster packages, currently they only offer 802.11 b/g which do not perform as good as 802.11n.

Overview Score:

7 out of 10

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