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AAISP Reviews

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AAISP (Andrews and Arnold) may be a small scale ISP (Internet Service Provider) but their focus seemed to lean more on providing services for UK businesses and not just residential broadband. Even if there are bigger companies which may overshadow AAISP, the company remains as one of the best broadband providers because their customers are satisfied with their customer friendly internet services.

  • AAISP Reviews

Internet Service Provider: AAISP Broadband

ISP Website URL:

Review of AAISP ISP:

Aside from the steady and reliable internet speed that AAISP provides, the company is also praised for the knowledgeable customer support which makes it easier for new customers to deal with their concerns about all aspects of broadband.

One thing that makes other people apprehensive to grab their offers is the fact that the website is packed with technical terminologies which are quite difficult to understand for most people. This is not such a good thing because becoming confused with the latest broadband features, technologies (FTTC, FTTP) and services makes the average consumer turn their back on AAISP due to lack of knowledge. However, this possibly has a positive effect for professional businesses, advanced internet users and telecoms experts as AAISP will easily suit their needs.

When it comes to price, it is also quite a challenge to determine the exact amount. It is because AAISP allows their customers to personalize their packages. Hence, the monthly fees vary a lot. Usually, the internet package which would give you 24 Mbps costs about £20 per month. This will give you 2 GB peak and 50 GB off peak usage allowance.

Included in the broadband package is a free wireless router (Technicolor 582 ADSL / ADSL2+ router model) that has 4 LAN ports, 802.11 b/g/n WiFi protocol, firewall, IPv4 and IPv6 compatible and suitable for new broadband technologies such as FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) and FTTP (Fibre to the Premise) with speeds up to 100Mb/s.

Aside from the internet service AAISP also throws in a few extras which you can also grab like the Native IPv6 support, webspace which has 1 GB capacity and free domain.

Lastly, it is a good thing that you can also upgrade to super fast internet connection if the necessity arises in the future. AAISP also offers a plan that will give you up to 40 Mbps.   

Benefits of AAISP:

e    Good product range of latest broadband technologies for businesses and advanced consumers (Fibre Broadband, IPv6 compatible, FTTC, FTTP)
e    Extra services which could be included in the package (Wireless Routers, ADSL Broadband Filters, Hardware Firewalls)
e    Commendable customer support that is provided by trained and knowledgeable people in the ISP industry.
e    Decent speed using IPv6 protocols, low latency and contention ratios.

Disadvantages of AAISP:

e    Confusing jargons which make it difficult for the average internet customer to choose the right broadband plan.
e    Broadband plans are too technical for common user.
e    Difficult to understand the bandwidth usages as they talk about peak and non-peak usage.
e    Website is very basic looking and could be more friendly and have a better menu system.

Recommendations for AAISP:

e    Produce a friendlier broadband section for the average broadband user and just have 3 packages (Small, Medium and Unlimited) and just simply add a price with a clear download limit.
e    Maybe get an attractive CSS template to visibly make your website more attractive and thus increasing the professionalism of your brand.
e    Offer a better range of wireless routers; you could assign a router depending on the customers internet profile (e.g. router for surfing, downloading, streaming and online gaming).

Overview ISP Score:

7 out of 10

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