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TalkTalk Group is one of the most recognized UK ISPs these days because of their highly competitive broadband rates and admirable internet speed. The company periodically offers heavily discounted packages online too with prices ranging from just £3.25 per month. When compared to other companies, the rates of TalkTalk group are fairly more affordable considering the benefits that the company could give.

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Internet Service Provider: TalkTalk Broadband

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Review of TalkTalk ISP:


The basic plan or TalkTalk essential starts at £14.50 per month and this is already bundled with TalkTalk phone services. For new clients, Talk Talk group also offers free connection which results to almost £30.00 of savings. The speed is quite an issue for people who are new in signing up for their services since the company has expressed that this is relative to the wiring and proximity to the exchange. Hence, some people are apprehensive to get their services because of the possible lag in speed, dropouts and quality of connection during peak times.

The positive thing about Talk Talk Group is that for clients who availed their home phone and internet bundle, they can enjoy free unlimited UK and weekend calling. Plus the rates for other days/time remain low too and have competitive international dialling rates.  TalkTalk also have a unique deal on UK line rental, you can either pay £14.50 per month (on par with BT prices) or you can pay all 12 months in advance via one single payment of £114 and save over £60 per year (this works out at only £9.50 per month line rental including free UK calls).

TalkTalk provides many wireless routers depending on what broadband package you choose, the TalkTalk Plus packages mainly come with the D-Link DSL 2780. This is a wired and wireless combination router that supports both wired and wireless connections (802.11 b/g and the new wireless n standard) at the same time as it is equipped with built-in quadruple Ethernet ports (10/100Mbps). TalkTalk allows you to surf the Internet and play online games without experiencing connection problems. It is also built to achieve greater speeds of up to 280 Mbps.

Nearly all of TalkTalk broadband packages come with a free online security service called HomeSafe", this gives you greater control over the type of websites your family can assess and also every single device that connects to the internet (Apple iPhone4, Apple iPad3, Smartphones, Laptops, Games Consoles).  You can also block certain social websites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter and MySpace) during school days so that your children can concentrate on homework.  You can even specify how long they spend on the internet and limit to just 3-4 hrs. a day this encourages children to take up other healthier activities.

What usually wins the heart of customers is their brand new offer for Superfast Fibre Optic broadband. The upgrade will cost an additional £10 or £15 on top of the existing TalkTalk plan depending if you take the 40Mb or 80Mb TalkTalk fibre package. It is also necessary to pay an £30 activation fee but you get a free wireless router that is compatible with the fibre network. With the super fast connection, you will be able to enjoy up to 80 Mb of their new fibre service (TalkTalk FTTC) and take advantage of streaming HD films, downloading films in minutes and streaming HD TV shows.

The customer support of Talk Talk group is quite reliable, especially if you take into consideration their huge customer base which is estimated to be in the millions. Basic concerns and queries of their clients are immediately addressed but there have been recent press reports that TalkTalk are going to move some of their UK support staff and outsource their jobs to foreign countries as costs are generally lower.

Benefits of TalkTalk ISP:

*    They offer super fast internet connection which is great for people who demand whopping speed for uploading, streaming, online gaming, and general downloading.
*   Great customer support, good FAQ's and fast knowledgeable Live Support.
*    Reliable speed

Disadvantages of TalkTalk ISP:

*    Package details are quite confusing to understand causing apprehension for people to switch to their services.
*    Their service has been getting negative reports from the online community for poor speeds and dropouts which may be due to an oversubscribe issue.  They may need to upgrade their core network to address these new issues.

Recommendations for TalkTalk ISP:

*    Make sure customer care standards are kept at a maximum at all times and use in-house UK staff as they provide the clearest and most effective way to communicate technical problems to customers.
*    Try improving the core network as there are many unhappy customers who are complaining of poor speed and internet dropouts.  Also, be clearer on what TalkTalk broadband speeds customers are expected to get as it has been reported that broadband speeds are exaggerated by as much as 60%. E.g. TalkTalk advertise 8 Mb broadband speeds on their website but most customers only get 5Mb.

Overview Score:

  6 out of 10

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