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Why does Primus remain as one of the leading providers these days? That is because they put their customers satisfaction ahead of everything else. Primus is delivered to thousands of homes and businesses these days because of New Call Telecom. The company may be newly established but with the pool of experts and the experienced managing team that they have, they easily win the leading spot among U.K. communications specialists.

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Reliable Broadband Speed Optimization Service 

A lot of customers are barely able to maximize the speed that they are supposed to get due to various technical difficulties. In situations like this, Primus will make sure that everything is working perfectly so that every cent that you are paying is utilized to the fullest. 
Primus has the best in-house engineers who are backed up by years of experience and extensive knowledge when it comes to fixing concerns about broadband connection. To get the assistance of their engineers, all it takes is to be in touch with the company. They will instantly send an expert to conduct proper testing. This includes checking of lines, scrutinizing the performance of routers, and other procedures which will enable them to detect any flaw in the connection. In doing so, they can easily target the problem so your broadband connection will become faster and steadier. 
Among the typical procedures that the engineers can perform include replacement of small internal wirings, fixing disconnected sockets and repair of other components. The important thing is that you will be asked for your consent every step of the way.   
For a miniscule amount of £69 per visit, per line, you can say goodbye to all your worries about your connection. This can be settled in advance through credit card. 
Broadband Installation Service Without the Hassle
Since Primus takes the extra mile to ensure that their customers do not have anything to worry about when getting the best broadband connection, they also have the most outstanding broadband installation service which remains unmatched by any other provider. 
Some customers are clueless regarding the setting up their connection. Primus is ready to give a helping hand when it comes to prepping up the computer, managing the router functions and creating the right network settings. 
Because the company has a team of accommodating installation specialists, they can set a date immediately and make them go to your place. Yes, this will depend on the time and date that is most convenient for you. Aside from handling all the technical aspects of establishing the connection, they will also assist you in opening the Primus Saver email account. 
To ensure that everything is working perfectly, the installation specialists will also perform speed tests and all other necessary improvements. That way, you would not get disappointed with the connection speed that you will get. 
Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed 
Even after the installation, Primus still makes sure that their customers are fully-satisfied with their services. The company is known for having an award winning customer care service. Hence, any queries and concerns will be promptly attended and resolved. 
The company also provides a comprehensive e-bill. This has won the hearts of many customers because of the convenience that it brings. There is no guessing where your money goes to. You can always stay on top of all the payments too. 
Unlike other companies which still charge fees for activation, you would not have to pay additional costs for this with Primus. The free activation will save you more money and put you on a good start towards getting superb broadband connection. 
Excellent Packages for Great Value
Primus has the most commendable packages which are tailored to satisfy the specific needs of different people. 
Primus Saver is a £2.99 monthly plan which can be coupled with £13.99+ line rental. With this package, you will be able to get the steady and consistent broadband Primus connection. This is perfect for people who do not have extensive use of the internet like downloading and other tasks. For such cases, the 20GB data allowance should be enough. 
This primary package will take all your worries away. In fact it is a great value because of the free activation. There is no need to spend more for wireless router either because it comes with the package. 
To enable you to maximize the monthly payment, you can also take advantage of the free evening and weekend calls for landlines within the United Kingdom. Having any problems or concerns? Technical support does not cost a cent either. 
For people who have more extensive needs, the Primus Max would be more fitting. This only costs £8.99 per month with an additional £13.99+ for line rental. This will not disappoint you when it comes to the speed of Primus Broadband. It has the same reliability and stability. 
The deal breaker with this package is that there is no limit for data usage. Just like any other providers, Primus also implements some fair usage policies which you should be aware of before you start enjoying this connection. The important thing is that this package will provide you services that are more than what you expected. 
When you opt for this package, there is no need to spend for activation and wireless router too because these comes for free. Even the technical support does not entail any payment. 
Aside from the amazing broadband connection services, this will allow you to enjoy evening and weekend calls for U.K landlines too. 
Both packages come with the evening and night calls. What about daytime local and calls? This is at 7.4 p so you still have the option to make calls to at minimal costs. UK mobile calls have a flat rate regardless if it is to O2, Orange, T-Mobile, 3 or Vodafone. The rates will only vary according to time, if the call is made during the weekend, evening or daytime. 
There is no reason to question why Primus is one of the leading names when it comes to broadband connection. Their packages that are bundled with phone services can really deliver satisfaction. Best of all, the company takes extra measures to ensure that their customers would not feel short-changed. Instead, they can experience hassle-free and strong connection all day, everyday. 
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