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Since PlusNet won several ISP awards because of their excellent customer service, this easily landed on the ranks of one of the best UK ISPs these days. Aside from the commendable customer service that PlusNet provides, their broadband rates remain very friendly on the pocket which is crucial in today's credit crunch atmosphere. It is often said that you can only get what you pay for but it seems that PlusNet has proven that saying to be false.

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Internet Service Provider: Plusnet Broadband

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Review of Plusnet ISP:


For those who only require minimal speed which is sufficient only for the usual online activities like browsing, emailing and other, the budget broadband package would already suffice. This only costs £6.49 per month and comes with a generous 10GB usage allowance. The good thing about this basic plan is that it would allow you to enjoy unlimited overnight use (Midnight till 8am) which is great for streaming films and TV shows as well as downloading large bit torrent files.

Another advantage of PlusNet over other ISP providers is that they offer super fast internet speed. You can get up to 40 Mbps plan and the payment starts at £16.49. With the higher plan and a little extra payment, nothing could stop you from downloading, streaming, online gaming and other online activities which require faster and uninterrupted superfast connections.  

When you choose a package from PlusNet, you no longer have to worry about connection fees and wireless router payments. These come for free of charge to new customers. The standard lock in contract is 12 months. However, if you want to opt for the 1 month contract, you just have to pay a little extra but you are in a better position to leave if you are unhappy with their services.

As of March 2012, Plusnet have been giving away the Technicolor 582n wireless broadband router.  The ADSL2 wireless router comes with 4 LAN ports (10/100Mbps), WPA2 security, SPI firewall and is compatible with 802.11 b/g and n wireless protocol.  It is also preconfigured before shipping which is vital if you are targeting the non-technical broadband market.

Plusnet also have a service that prioritises broadband traffic for services like VoIP, VPN, FTP and online gaming.  For an extra £5 a month you can get access to this great service and see vast improvements in streaming (no buffering), VoIP (no dropped audio or one way audio) and online gaming (Low Pings, low latency and no dropouts).  This service monitors the packets of your broadband connection and puts it ahead of other traffic thus guaranteeing a better class of service.

As a bonus, PlusNet also offers Home Phone or Line Rental service which starts at £9.49. If you are getting bundled deals, the costs may even go lower it all depends on how much you take and bundle together.

Plusnet are one of the first UK ISP’s to offer a eoeprice guaranteee where they won’t be beaten on price for standalone broadband deals.  They will match any other rival ISP broadband deal and in some cases they maybe even be able to beat it.  To see if they will match or beat your current broadband deal you just call 0800 073 1120 and quote ref: T6A9PB and they will check what BT market you are in and what the best deal they can offer.

Benefits of Plusnet:

e    Super fast internet speed which can reach 40 Mbps. Such plans are not always offered by all other UK ISPs.
e    Broadband Rates are more affordable than other mainstream providers.
e    Award-winning UK customer support from Yorkshire, great FAQ’s, up to date broadband forums and excellent Live Support.

Disadvantages of Plusnet:

e    The excellence may not be the same as the more expensive plans from other ISPs but for a low price, the service is quite commendable

Recommendations for Plusnet Broadband:

e    I would like to see a clever comparison table against similar ISP providers as the Plusnet packages are very attractive and it would quickly highlight the benefits of using Plusnet against providers like TalkTalk, BT and Orange.

Overview Score:

9 out of 10

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  • Value (Broadband, Evening and Weekends)
    £ 13.99
    £25 but free if taken with a call plan
    Plusnet Value: If you live in a low cost area it costs £5.99 a month. If you live outside one of these areas it costs £5.99 a month for the first three months, then £12.99 a month thereafter
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