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Virgin Media easily wins the heart of many UK customers because of their stable and superfast cable internet speed, reasonable prices and great bundled TV and mobile services options. Aside from internet service, the company also offers phone line rental, TV and mobile phone services. Another great thing about Virgin Media is that the company uses a cable and fiber optic network which is known as the EuroDOCSIS3. Because of this, the connection stays stable and the speed is really amazing easily reaching speeds of 100Mbps. It is even projected that in no time, Virgin Media will be able to offer superfast broadband at 200 Mbps blistering speeds in late 2012.

  • Virgin Reviews

Internet Service Provider: Virgin Media Broadband

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Review of Virgin Media ISP:


Virgin Media may be praise-worthy but like other ISPs, there is also a down side with this company. It is quite unfortunate that their services are not available in several areas. For people who are located outside the Virgin cable coverage, the only plan that can be availed is the Virgin National. Since this plan uses old copper lines, the speed and performance is not exactly commendable.

The cheapest broadband plan that Virgin Media offers costs just £13.50 per month but this is for new customer only. This cheap broadband service from Virgin allows you to enjoy 10 Mbps speed and unlimited data usage, but there is a complicated fair use policy to understand. The free wireless router, called Virgin SuperHub comes with it too. Take note that the lock in contract with Virgin Media is 18 months. For £35 per month, you can already get the plan which provides an amazing 100Mbps.

The Virgin Media SuperHub, also known as a Netgear CG3101D router, is a combined cable modem and wireless router. It comes as part of the standard installation package for new 100Mbit/s, 50Mbit/s and 30Mbit/s customers, or as a £30 upgrade for existing 20Mbit/s subscribers e" you need the new router to take advantage of speeds faster than 20Mbit/s.

As the Virgin Media cable modem is now built into the SuperHub, you won't need a separate router. The Virgin SuperHub has a WAN input, four Gigabit LAN ports and dual-band (2.4 GHz/ 5GHz) wireless networking.  If you enjoy online gaming or streaming films then you can use the 5GHz band and have priority over other traffic in your house which results is faster online gaming and no buffering waiting when streaming media.

Benefits of Virgin Media Broadband:

e    Lots of plans to choose from, with different rates and varying speed (up to 100+ Mbps)
e    Consumer friendly price for cable / fibre optic internet
e    Excellent deals when bundled with TV services / Phone Line Rental and Mobile Contracts
e    Some plans come with free access to Spotify Premium, which allows you to listen to unlimited songs on any device.
e    You can now get paperless billing and Virgin will even reduce your monthly cost if you take up this option.

Disadvantages of Virgin Media Broadband:

e    Customer support is not so reliable and should be improved; also look at adding a live support service.
e    Availability of Virgin Media Broadband services in some areas has to be improved because their range does not reach all of the UK, approx. 40% can get Virgin Cable Services.
e    Contracts are quite long at 18 months, and any change to your service will result in a brand new re-contract for 18 months.

Recommendations for Virgin Media Broadband:

e    Maybe add Live Support to the website so customers can quickly ask questions about how to sign up to Orange or how to change broadband provider.
e    Make the fair use policy more simple for non-technical customers to understand, as at the moment if can be tricky to understand.

Overview Score:

8 out of 10

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