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There may be other telecom companies which promise to deliver all the convenience and functionality that you would need but nothing surpasses what BT Broadband can provide. They would not earn the reputation as the world's most established telecom company for nothing, right?

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Internet Service Provider: BT Broadband

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When it comes to getting the service that you deserve for every single cent that you spend, there is no doubt that BT Broadband is the only name to rely on. With BT Infinity, there will no longer be any problems when it comes to speed and consistency of broadband services. This remains unmatched because it has successfully eliminated lag, jittery signal transmission and congested traffic. In fact, with the latest innovations and technology from BT Broadband, they are able to deliver speed that is up to 8x faster than the average speed that others companies within U.K. can provide.
As an added bonus, BT Infinity comes with the free wi-fi too. With more and more people living a fast-paced lifestyle and taking their mobile gadgets on the go, this would ensure that you can stay connected online anywhere you are. There are over 4 million public hotspots within U.K. so you can easily connect your laptop, netbook, Apple devices and Android gadgets in a snap.
When it comes to affordability, BT Broadband is also the leading name. With the Line Rental Saver, customers are able to enjoy £10.75 monthly line rental when the bill is settled a year in advance. Compared to its competitor, Virgin Media, this is a whole lot cheaper.
The company also manages to throw in some extra features which make their plans even more worth it. So long as you are keeping their services, you will be able to enjoy free internet security. You no longer have to worry about damaging content or intruders which could attack your network, computers and devices, all thanks to the BT NetProtect Plus anti-virus, anti-spam and firewall protection.
The free online storage is an astounding bonus too! With the humungous amount of files that people need to store these days such as documents, photos and videos, this would surely be a useful feature. It eliminates the need to spend more on external hard drives which costs a whopping amount.
Using the BT Digital Vault online file and photo storage is way too easy too. No need to go through complex procedures because it only takes two simple steps - log on then click the file or folder that you need to download or upload. The best part about this feature is that you will be able to access your files from any computer so long as you can connect to the internet. Because your security is important, the online storage requires username and password before the files can be accessed. Even if your computer suddenly crashes, your important documents and files can be easily retrieved from the BT Digital Vault.
With other service providers, getting customer support would mean spending more money. That can be such a horrible thing because you have to shell out cash just to find the solution to your concerns. With BT Broadband, you can enjoy free phone, chat, forum or Twitter assistance from their expert help team. Calling from any U.K landline does not cost a cent either.
The BT Home Hub Router is truly commendable too. Not only does it come in a sophisticated and modern design, it is also geared with top of the line components for superb performance. It automatically detects interferences and switches to a new channel when there is too much congestion. It functions with the wireless-N technology for lightning fast speed and it has efficient security. With the smart power save, electricity consumption would be reduced too.
Who are BT Broadbadnd? | What is BT Broadband? | BT Broadband Review
BT Broadband Packages
There is no other provider to check out if you aim to get the best packages that will give you more than what you pay for.
Broadband Plus Evening and Weekend Calls - This package comes with free access to unlimited wi-fi, the BT Home Hub, BT Family Protection and online storage. It is perfect for the need of typical internet users, with download speed of up to 16Mb. It will allow you to enjoy evening and weekend calls for more savings.
Broadband and Anytime Calls - For £13 plus line rental from £10.75, this will give you free unlimited wi-fi, BT Home Hub BT Family Protection and download speed of up to 16Mb. Yes, you can have calls anytime too!
More Broadband Plus Evening and Weekend Calls - The £18 monthly is a true value because of the free unlimited wi-fi, Advanced Security, BT Home Hub and download speed of up to 16Mb. Aside from having evening and weekend calls, you can also enjoy up to 40GB usage.
More Broadband Plus Evening and Weekend Calls with superfast BT Infinity - The BT Infinity delivers up to 76Mb speed because it is fiber broadband. At £18 monthly you will be able to utilize free unlimited wi-fi access, Advanced Security and BT Home Hub. With 40GB usage and calls for weekends and evenings, you will have more opportunities to maximize the services.
Unlimited Broadband Plus Evening and Weekend Calls - For the users with insatiable need to stay connected, this is the best choice at £26 monthly. Aside from the free unlimited wi-fi, Advanced Security and BT Home Hub, the usage does not have a limit too! Some exclusion may apply to the usage but the evening and weekend calls make this a real deal breaker.
Unlimited Broadband, Evening and Weekend Calls and superfast BT Infinity - The £26 monthly is a small amount to pay to enjoy amazing services like download speed up to 76Mb with the superbly fast BT Infinity, unlimited usage, Advanced Security and the BT Home hub. There is no stopping you from utilizing the evening and weekend calls too.
Unlimited Broadband, Evening and Weekend Calls and superfast BT Infinity - The needs of people who want lightning fast speed is catered with this package. It is powered with up to 100Mb download speed and unlimited usage for only £35 monthly. Yes, this also provides free unlimited wi-fi, Advanced Security and the BT Home Hub.
Overview Broadband Review Score ot TimeTalk:  
  8 out of 10
  • Simon Chilcott
    I’m currently with BT and have nothing but problems with them, I’m on a upto 16mb unlimited anytime calls package even tho my line is only rated upto 8mb and for the last 3 months im only receiving 1mb at peak times so I complained to them that in itself was a horrible experience, I was told im on a congested exchange and they would see if anything can be done, nothing has been done and since Wednesday morning this week I’ve had no broadband at all from them, so I spoke with a BT mod and he said he cant do anything until 9th may when a new update will take place, so I said I want to cancel my account then and he flatly refused to agree to it so im kind of stuck now and find it unbelievable that this can happen with-in the British law system. I understand that every area and exchange will differ in its output, but BT have spread themselves very thin and as a result there is a massive number of congested exchanges, so at peak times 6pm - 11pm and all weekends you will be in the slow lane. They are not easy to contact and once you do get through to someone you can understand they are bordering on being rude and sarcastic. If you try and be herd via their forums then forget it as they have that base covered also, They move your post around in their forums to suit themselves and to hide your complaints with-in a web of old post. They also use India call centres that will send you mad if you ever do have to phone them. The worse thing I ever did was to let this cowboy company be my isp. all they provided me with was a headache and frustration.
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