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Supanet Fibre Reviews

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Internet Service Provider: Supanet Fibre

ISP Website URL:

Overview ISP Score:  

8.5 out of 10

Review of Supanet Fibre ISP:

Supanet Fibre ( is an established UK ISP provider which provides great fibre broadband packages ranging from 17.99 to 29.99 pound per month. Supanet is based on BT's (British Telecoms) newly upgraded fibre broadband network so virtually guarantees reliability and super-fast speeds. Supanet is in contention for one of the best ISPs in the UK that provide great value fibre broadband.

If you demand huge broadband needs when it comes to an internet connection, then you only have to pay 17.99 per month which is the best value fibre broadband plan from Supanet Fibre. For such a great value fibre package price, you will be able to do your usual online activities like emailing or browsing and also download torrent files, play online games and stream films all at the same time on any device (PC, Notebook, Tablet, Smartphone and Smart TV). The plan comes with up to 38 Mbps speed, unlimited download limit and free weekend UK calls to numbers beginning with 01, 02 and 03. Another benefit is that this comes with a pre-configured, free wireless "n grade" broadband router (ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2+) reported to be worth R.R.P 109.99 too.

Supanet fibre broadband deals come with a brand new ADSL2+ wireless "n grade" router (reported to be a Kasda 5835HG + includes the brilliant Broadcom Chipset), this fibre router supports the latest wireless protocols (802.11b), (802.11g), (802.11n) and has built in x4 Ethernet / LAN ports (10/100Mbps) with impressive detachable external 3dbi antennas (2Tx2r) that allows up to 300Mbps transfer speeds.  These routers also come fully optimised with the Supanet network and are pre-configured with your personal Supanet internet settings (TR-069 remote updating), so all you do is plug in and play, ideal for customers with no technical knowledge like silver surfers or non-technical users.

The Supanet fibre router (Router Brand Kasda 5835HG) is also optimised for streaming data (Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and YouTube), downloading data (bit torrent, music, films), and online gaming (Xbox Live, PC Gaming, Playstation).  The router has all known gaming ports for the top 50 online games (Call of Duty, Titanfall and Fifa14) forwarded as to allow superfast connections with zero pings, low latency and no internet dropouts.  The Supanet router also have excellent parental controls that allows you to block any adult themed websites or even limit the amount of time your children spend on the internet during schooldays.  You can activate these settings yourself or you can contact Supanet and they will make the changes remotely from their head office in the UK without you doing anything technical.

supanet fibre broadband homepage

The Supanet router also comes with an USB port that is version USB2.0 for superfast data transfer, this USB port can be used as a portal storage device by plugging in a memory stick (16GB limit).  You can then put music, films, and pictures on the memory stick and all networked PC's, Notebooks, Tablets, Smartphones in the house can share the files and also stream movies (Netflix, LOVEFiLM, Blink Box) and TV shows (Breaking Bad, Sherlock Holmes, The Walking Dead) onto their wireless device. It also now supports HD IPTV compatibility so you can now stream HD quality TV shows and HD movies directly to your PC, notebook, smartphone (Apple iPhone, Android), tablet (Apple iPad) or Internet Smart TV.

Another service that is unique to Supanet is for people who are living in flats or old houses with thick walls that have poor Wi-Fi range and speed.  Supanet can provide a new piece of hardware called an internet booster / power booster for only 5.99 per month (this also includes a wireless n router worth R.R.P 109.99).  The internet booster takes advantage of your home's existing electrical wires to simultaneously transfer data (music, films, video) while transferring power. This means you have the power-line solution for quickly and easily networking PCs and other network-compatible devices, such as a gaming console (Xbox One, PS4, and Wii U) or set-top box (Virgin, TiVo, Freeview). With home-plug AV technology, users can get speed of 200Mbps on a line length of 300 metres, ideal for enjoying HD video streaming, online gaming or any other bandwidth intensive tasks for work or play.

Supanet Fibre Broadband stats

If you are feeling scared about using the internet due to the number of virus, phishing and email attacks from around the world then Supanet provide a unique service that for just 3.25 a month you can get the excellent and well known Norman Anti-Virus and Internet Security package. Supanet offers an easy to use automatic solution for the protection against any kinds of viruses, worms, trojans and hackers. Its comprehensive anti-virus software with unlimited updates ensures that your computer, where all your personal and professional information is stored, is safe and secure.

For faster fibre broadband speeds, Supanet fibre also offers an excellent unlimited plan which only costs 29.99 per month. For this price, you can already enjoy up to 76Mbps internet speed and unlimited download limit with unlimited free UK calls.

The cost of broadband packages and broadband deals from Supanet is just a fraction of the costs from other competitors. Despite the affordable price, you would not worry about constant connection interruptions and speed that encounters down time as Supanet uses the stable and reliable core BT (British Telecom) network.

Even the customer support of Supanet deserves commendation. Your Supanet queries and concerns will be dealt with by professionally trained UK support group who have over 10 years’ experience of supporting ISPs that is based right in the United Kingdom.

Supanet FAQs about Fibre:

What is Supanet Fibre Broadband?

Fibre broadband is a new type of broadband which uses fibre optic cables instead of the traditional copper wire. Fibre optic cables are transparent fibre made of glass which transmits information at the speed of light. This helps to increase the speed of your broadband connection. Fibre broadband allows your whole family to stream videos, play online games, do high quality video chats and download files without slowing down your internet speed at the same time.


What is the main difference between Supanet Fibre optic and standard broadband?

Standard broadband uses 'traditional' copper cables throughout to deliver broadband to your home, right from telephone exchange through to the street cabinet to your home. FTTC (Fibre broadband provided by Supanet) uses fibre optic cable uses advanced fibre optic cable instead of traditional copper wires to connect the street cabinet and the telephone exchange. This results in much higher (fibre) broadband speeds as compared to the standard broadband.


How fast is Supanet Fibre Broadband?

Supanet provides broadband speeds of up to 38Mb and 76Mb. The standard broadband package from Supanet provides broadband speed of up to 16Mb.


How to check whether my area has Supanet Fibre network?

Fibre Broadband currently has a limited roll out. You should check with your post code to ensure that your telephone exchange is fibre enabled. 


How can I get a Supanet Fibre connection?

If our postcode checker says that fibre optic broadband is available in your area then subscribing to Fire Broadband is very quick and easy. All you have to do is call Supanet sales advisors on 0800 531 6560. Our team will guide you and provide you all information and answers regarding Fibre Broadband connection.


Are there different types of fibre optic broadband?

Yes, there are two types of fixed line fibre broadband, FTTH (fibre to the home) and FTTC (fibre to the cabinet)

FTTH connection connects the telephone exchange and your home throughout using fibre optic cable. This line is faster as there is no copper wire used. However, this is not available in most areas.

In case of Fibre-to-the-Cabinet (FTTC), the fibre cable connects the telephone exchange and the street cabinet. The street cabinet connects to your home via standard copper cable which uses VDSL or similar technology that can deliver much faster speeds over shorter distances.


How do I contact Supanet Fibre broadband support?

Call our sales advisors in the UK on 0800 531 6560 or fill out the enquiry form on home


Benefits of Supanet Fibre Broadband:

Currently one of the UK's cheapest fibre broadband deals at 17.99 per month. (March 2014)

Very good deal on BT Line Rental at only 13.80 per month (pay 12 months upfront)

Well packaged fibre broadband deals, easy to understand and well laid out.

Up to 38Mb fast internet connection that is reliable and fast as it uses the new core BT fibre network.

All Supanet fibre packages come with a free wireless n router that is fully optimised to make the internet run at its fastest and also comes with great features like parental controls and a USB (USB 2.0) port.

The router has extra features like printer sharing, 300MB Wi-Fi transfer speeds.

Upgrade to a Superfast Fibre Broadband Offer (29.99 per month / 76Mbps Fibre Speeds - x2 Normal Fibre)

Excellent extra services like Internet Boosters, Power Boosters, Anti-Virus products and cheap printer ink refills.

UK based customer support that is quick in attending to customer concerns from UK call centres.


Disadvantages of Supanet Fibre Broadband:

Superfast internet connection (up to 38 Mbps+) is unavailable in some areas; you need to check your post code.

Still an unknown big brand ISP in the UK, but have a great backbone internet (BT main fibre network) and the potential to be a big player in the fibre broadband market.

There is some negative press and reviews of Supanet from the early 1990’s but it seems they have made improvements in their network and service levels in the last few years.


Recommendations for Supanet Fibre Broadband:

Better customer support section needs to be added that covers all customer issues and technical issues.  Also, better FAQ's and maybe a Supanet broadband forum or Live Chat feature would be helpful with customers wanting quick information.

A good fibre broadband comparison chart against other fibre broadband providers such as TalkTalk, Plusnet, Sky, Be Broadband, O2 and BT broadband as Supanet beats most of these providers with cheaper costs and better services and features.

Overview ISP Score:  

8.5 out of 10 - Good Overall Fibre Broadband, worth checking out.

  • JulieCross
    Looking for an upgrade so I can keep the kids quiet, they all have tablets and xbox and they moan.. and fight that each of them are "stealing" the bandwidth..what ever that means. So I going to upgrade to fibre, it will be worth the money to stop them argueing and i can get some peace and quiet !! I might even treat myself to a game of candycrush.
  • torrenthead
    was on 100mb with virgin but they had the cheek to raise my bill and then block all the sites i use for watching sports, had a google for provider that are not forced to block public torrent and streaming sites and found supernet. On fibre now and can get all my sites, blasting the torrents with no issues. Worth the extra cost for unlimited at least i can use the net now the way i like. 4/5
  • melissa789
    just upgarded to supanet fibre and it is an 100% improvment on my old supanet connection, the price seems OK but the service is very fast and ideal for streaming music and games.
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Support Telephone:
0800 531 6560
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