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EE Broadband to Goes Beyond the Limits
Yes, the tycoons in broadband services, EE, Orange and T-mobile have teamed up to provide the most impressive connection to consumers these days. What makes EE better that the other options in the market?

It can not be denied that users often experience a myriad of problems and issues with their ISP providers. Problems could range from fluctuating speed to unstable connection, horrible customer service and even expensive rates. EE is the key in resolving these problems, giving customers a different online experience.

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EE’s Competitive Edge

The company is the first one within Britain which officially launched and offered 4G mobile services which is coupled with fibre broadband. The company also has far-reaching services so more people have the chance to enjoy their offered packages. Since EE teams up with Orange and T-mobile, they are able to cater up to 27 million customers. This number is expected to ramp up in 2014 with the continuous investment of the company.

Fibre Broadband Connection

The fibre broadband connection of EE is impressive. The speed can reach up to 76 Mb per second, making it an ideal connection for home, especially if there are numerous gadgets and devices which need to stay connected online. This consistent speed is more than ideal for the simpler online activities like surfing, chatting or emailing. Best of all, it can also accommodate the bandwidth-hungry tasks like HD streaming and online gaming without any interruptions.

The fibre broadband packages allow flexibility to customers. For the £25 monthly plan, the customers will be able to enjoy the speed of 76 Mb per second, unlimited data usage and off peak calls to landline. For households with lower demand for connection, the £20 a month package provides 38 Mb per second. This also comes with unlimited data usage and off peak calls to landlines. For the budget-conscious, there is also the £15 monthly package which will give 38 Mb per second speed, 40 GB data usage and off peak calls to landlines.

Basic Broadband Connection

EE understands how customer’s needs for connection can be very diverse. For those who simply want a steady connection which will satisfy their usual online activities, EE also offers their £5 per month broadband connection if you are an existing customer otherwise it will be £10 per month. Things could not get any more cost efficient than this. This deal delivers up to 14 Mb per second. The price may be very low but this also comes with unlimited data usage.

Putting Customers First

EE Broadband is able to give more value to their customers’ monthly payment because they deliver fast, reliable and consistent connection. Aside from that, the company also goes the extra mile in ensuring that the concerns of their customers are attended to immediately by their knowledgeable customer assistance.

With the widespread hotspots for EE broadband connection, customers can also enjoy superb connection even if they are not at home. This eliminates the need to constantly search for available connections which may not be reliable.

For individuals who are concerned about switching from other ISP to EE, the company also makes the process hassle-free and easy. Customers only need to choose which plan will fit their budget and fulfill their connection needs. The lines of EE are open for inquiries so that interested people could get assistance in choosing the best plan for them. After getting in touch with EE, it is only necessary to provide the MAC code so that the process can be initiated.

There is no doubt that spending on the monthly fees for EE fibre broadband and broadband packages is absolutely worth it. No more annoying connection which constantly fails and no more fake speed claims. EE delivers purely steadfast connection for all online needs.


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 7 out of 10
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  • Broadband & Off peak calls (E&W)
    Free Router
    Free 1 Year McAcfee Privacy Service (Basic Security) & (free anti-virus and parental control software)
    £5pm to New & Exsisting EE, Orange & Tmobile customers otherwise £10pm. A £30 welcome credit equivalent to 6M half price
  • Broadband & Anytime calls
    Free Router
    Free 1 Year McAcfee Privacy Service (Basic Security) & (free anti-virus and parental control software)
    £10pm to New & Exsisting EE, Orange & Tmobile customers otherwise £15pm. A £30 welcome credit equivalent to 3M half price
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