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In the battle among the small and medium scale ISPs, Zen Internet is one of the names that has remained excellent over the years. Of course, the length of time in the service is a good gauge in determining the right ISP to pick but this should not be the only basis.

  • ZEN Reviews

Internet Service Provider: Zen Broadband

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Review of Zen ISP:


Zen Internet is a trusted UK name because the company has also won multiple ISP awards in recognition of their excellent customer service and quality broadband products. Users of Zen Internet encounters minimal problem with their service. This applies for both the stand alone internet connection and plans which are bundled with other services.

It can not be denied that the price for Zen Internet is not exactly the lowest among all available ISPs today. However, the money you are spending is worth it because this will save you from the hassle brought by unreliable connection. The lowest available plan from Zen Internet costs £18.37 per month. This plan offers 20 Mbps speed and 10GB usage. If you are seeking for faster connection, the £25.52 can go as fast as 20 Mbps along with 100 GB of download data allowance. For the ultimate speed, you can also get the 40MBps plan which costs £35.74 which is excellent for downloading large files, uploads, streaming and others.

Zen doesn't seem to offer a free router for home broadband but do recommend and sell wired and wireless routers.  The wired router is a SpeedTouch ST546 and is an ADSL2/2+ compatible router with integrated SPI firewall, this sells for £45.00 ex VAT.

There are other services which can be obtained from Zen Internet. This includes the anti-virus filtering, one month contract, 8 static IP addresses and 2GB of web space. Of course, getting these extra services entails additional fees too.  They recommend the Technicolor TG582n wireless router that is also ADSL2/2+ compatible and supports the new wireless n protocol (802.11n) and is IPv6 ready.  This wireless router (TG582n) is on special offer, it was £50.00 but now reduced to only £35.00, but this offer is only till 30th June 2012.

Benefits of Zen Broadband:

e    Availability of the super speed plan. Zen Internet can offer up to 40 Mbps speeds.
e    Excellent UK customer support that even made the company win multiple ISP awards.
e    Almost interruption-free services with good SLA levels.
e    Additional high end broadband services that are being offered (Fibre, SDSL etc.)

Disadvantages of Zen Broadband:

e    Price is a bit steeper than what other ISPs offer but Zen is well known to have excellent broadband services and can justify charging more than other providers.
e    Maybe offer a cheap wireless router that is pre-configured to home broadband users, as many customers are not technical and hate dealing with modern IT hardware.

Recommendations for Zen Broadband:

e    The current Zen website has a lot of different products to different sectors of the ISP market; it is quite difficult to see where the home or consumer section is located.  And some customers could end up looking at business broadband instead of home broadband.
e    Add Live Support Software so customers can quickly find the information they need without spending hours looking through pages of technical content.

Overview Score:

8 out of 10

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