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UK Free Software Network or UKFS is among the preferred ISPs these days. This company is great for both home and business internet connection needs. It is amazing how many options they have when it comes to different plans. Hence, it is not difficult to find the one that matches your budget and needs.

  • UKFS Reviews

Internet Service Provider: UKFS Broadband

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Review of UKFS ISP:


For residential plans, the starting rate is only £14.56. This will allow you to enjoy 24 Mbps speed and 1 GB if usage allowance. The good thing is that there is a free usage period from midnight until 8 am and during the weekends. The contract lock in for this plan is 1 month. The highest plan for home use costs £19.99. This also has 24 Mbps speed but the good thing is that the usage allowance is unlimited.

For the business plans, UKFS has the minimum £19.75 package which will also provide you with 24 Mbps speed. The usage allowance for this is 15 GB. Even if there is a usage limit, the plan also includes a free usage period from 8pm to 8am and during the weekend.  If your business needs unlimited usage allowance, you can opt for the £29.99 plan. The speed for this is 16 Mbps but at least there is no restriction when it comes to maximum usage.

Customers of UKFS are satisfied with the performance of its speed. Aside from that their customer support is also reliable. One down side with UKFS is the fact that customers need to pay for additional services that are offered for free by the other companies. For example, migration, activation and IP address set up entails additional costs.   

Benefits of UKFS Broadband:

e    Plenty of plan options for both business and home internet connection
e    Average price range for broadband.
e    Reliable customer support.

Disadvantages of UKFS Broadband:

e    Super fast internet speed is not available in certain areas of the UK.

Recommendations for UKFS Broadband:

e    Maybe add Live Support to the website so customers can quickly ask questions about how to sign up to UKFS or how to change broadband provider.

Overview Score:

6 out of 10

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