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THUS has won the hearts of many business owners because of their great business broadband packages. The good thing about the company is that they can design a plan which will suit the demands of the client. For example, their Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) can start from 2 Mbps but can also be upgraded to 1 Gbps if necessary. Since this plan is made for businesses, the signing contract has a 3 year lock in. the router has to be paid for but the installation comes for free.

  • THUS Reviews

Internet Service Provider: THUS Broadband

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Review of THUS ISP:


Another offer from THUS Group is the Internet VPN (Virtual Private Network) which works perfectly for businesses which have remote offices. Aside from the steady speed, this will also allow you to enjoy firewall and VPN, edge QoS (Quality of Service) that is application specific and secure connection.

THUS may be getting good reviews for businesses but the problem is that they are not the best option for people who are looking for home connection. This also limits their reach in the UK. Their packages are designed to satisfy small home offices, medium to large businesses with high demand for speed and complex technical aspects for broadband connection.

People who have tried their services are pleased with the performance of THUS. Problem is, getting started on their services is quite confusing as many of the packages are quite unclear. It is always better if the rates and exact features are immediately disclosed for potential clients. It is not the case with THUS. However, this may be an action taken by the company because they allow custom packages for which the features, speed and costs may vary a lot.

Benefits of THUS broadband:

e    Excellent services for businesses
e    Packages that can be customized according to the specific needs of the business
e    Fast internet speed can be availed
e    Steady and reliable speed

Disadvantages of THUS broadband:

e    Disclosure of details is not immediate which makes it hard to choose a package

Overview Score:
6 out of 10

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