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ICUK is a reliable provider for internet connections in the UK. However, a lot of people are missing out on all the good services that ICUK provides because this name is often just ignored as most UK customers only recognise big brands such as TalkTalk, BT or Virgin Media. Choosing an ISP provider nowadays should not be merely a popularity contest, it is important to look into the reliability of the connection and the stability of all other services. Both those aspects are easily fulfilled by ICUK broadband services.

  • ICUK Reviews

Internet Service Provider: ICUK Broadband

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Review of ICUK ISP:


First, the price range for ICUK is neither cheap nor expensive and is at the UK average. It can be said that their rates are just right for the quality of service that they provide. Second, even if ICUK is not among the most popular, the company is very competent when it comes to ensuring that their customers would be able to maximize every penny that they pay each month. Third, ICUK also offers other services like UK phone line rental from £9.85 per month and call services which prices ranging from 1p for UK local calls to 9.5p to UK mobile calls.

The basic plan from ICUK, strangely called Option 0 only costs £10 per month. This broadband package will give you up to 24Mbps download speed and up to 448kbps upload speed and comes with 4 GB usage allowance. If you take the Option 5 internet plan which is worth £25 per month, you can choose between 1 month or 12 months contracts. If you opt for the 12-month contract, you will be able to get the free migration and free activation services. Other ICUK features include the unlimited monthly downloading, free email address with spam filtering and anti-virus for email, and UK based phone and email support.  

There is also an important point when looking at ICUK is that they don’t provide any hardware such as a wireless router, this will be difficult for the average users as they will have no clue which one to buy (ADSL, ADSL2+ or Cable) and more importantly how to correctly configure.  They do advise you compatible wireless routers such as the Netgear 834G and they state if you call their technical support line they can configure your Netgear router within 5 minutes.

If the basic option plans do not satisfy your needs because you want faster internet speed then ICUK also offers you brand new services such as FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) that enables you to enjoy up to 40 Mbps broadband speeds using the BT fibre network. The FTTC packages range from £20 per month (Home Fibre Option 1 e" 50GB Cap) to £120 per month (Home Fibre Option 5 e" 750GB Cap).  For FTTC internet packages ICUK recommend the following routers; basic FTTC router such as Netgear N150 (WNR1000) at a cost of £30-£50 or advanced FTTC routers such as Draytek 2820 at a cost of £170-£250.

Benefits of ICUK:

e    No port blocking or traffic shaping, key traffic such as VoIP is prioritised.
e    Cheap broadband packages for users who don’t download huge amounts of data.
e    Commendable customer services and good technical support.
e    Utilises latest broadband technology (FTTC) for up to 40Mbps speeds.

Disadvantages of ICUK:

e    Lower plans have small peak time usage allowance.
e    Complicated broadband packages and difficult broadband terminology.
e    Does not provide pre-configured wireless routers, only recommends compatible routers.

Recommendations for ICUK:

e    Give customers a pre-configured wireless n router such as the Netgear DGN2000 as this will improve a customer’s internet experience and will give your service a better service level.  Even if you make then pay a small price you will convert a lot of ordinary broadband customers who are scared of technology, they will be willing to pay as long as installation is seamless as possible.  You can use TR69 services to remotely configure routers without any customer interaction.

e    Try to make easier broadband packages for customer who have no idea how much they download, you can do this by making 3 or 4 packages and give examples of what each package is designed to do. E.g. ICUK Light Package will be aimed at users who just browse and email and look at Facebook.

Overview Score:

5 out of 10

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