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Surf Any Time Reviews

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SurfAnyTime wins a spot in the list if most reliable ISPs in the country these days because of the satisfactory service level that they provide. When it comes to customer support, this company has received commendations from many of their business clients (e.g. Mainstay Group, Scottish Sea Farms and FedEx UK).

  • Surf Any Time Reviews

Internet Service Provider: SurfAnyTime Broadband

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Review of SurfAnyTime ISP:


SurfAnyTime is a good UK ISP to rely on whether you need internet connection for your home or business. The company launched different plans that come with varying broadband speed and features.

The basic business plan from SurfAnyTime starts at £25.00 per month which already includes VAT. This will enable the company to use up 30GB data allowance and up to 24 Mbps speed. As an added bonus, the plan already includes a free static IP address and routed IPs. For unlimited data allowance, the plan is going to cost £30.00 per month.

For residential use, the lowest plan comes at £17.00 per month. This also allows you to utilize up to 24 Mbps of speed, and 5GB of data allowance. For unlimited data usage allowance, the plan is going to cost, £25.00. For the residential plans, SurfAnyTime also throws in free static IP address and special routed IPs addresses at a small fixed fee.

Aside from the internet connection, SurfAnyTime also offers phone bundling options. However, SurfAnyTime does not offer super fast internet connection. That is why, if you are looking for an IP that could give you 24 Mbps+ speed, this company is not the one for you.

SurfAnyTime has recently released a home fibre service which is capable of offering download speeds of up to 40Mbps - roughly five times the maximum speed of standard (ADSL) broadband. However, every line is different, and we expect most customers to receive an average speed of 20Mbps to 30Mbps downstream with a maximum of 10Mbps per upstream which is over twenty times the upstream speed of standard (ADSL) broadband.   This costs £33.33 per month and allows 40Mbps maximum downstream, 2Mbps upstream, free static IP address, and unlimited email addresses and has a £80 setup fee with 12 month rolling contract.

Another issue with the SurfAnyTime is that their UK coverage is also a bit limited. There are still some areas which they could not provide services for but they have an availability checker you can use to see if you qualify for their broadband services.

Benefits of SurfAnyTime ISP:

e    Specialized packages for business and residential use, making it easy to choose the one that matches the budget and needs
e    Reliable in house UK customer support e" not outsourced to other countries like India, Philippines.
e    Decent internet speed and good range of business broadband services (FTTC, SDSL, Leased Lines, EFM)
e    Great online reviews from happy customers who appreciate the fast customer service.

Disadvantages of SurfAnyTime ISP:

e    Limited UK coverage for their newer superfast broadband services (FTTC, FTTP)

Recommendations for SurfAnyTime Broadband:

e    After several visits to the website over several days the live support seemed to be unmanned all the time.  It would be nice for this to be manned more regularly as new customers always have questions to be answered and don’t have time to spend ages on a website.
e    Give an optimised free wireless router for high end broadband services and pre-configure with customer settings, this will make the service more friendly to non-technical customers.

Overview Score:

6 out of 10

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