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Among the ISP providers, O2 is considered as one that is a tad more expensive than others. Another common misconception is that the service is not very commendable since the speed is not consistently fast. This is a problem that is encountered by people who availed the Home Access or the BT based project. If you are choosing O2, it is best to avoid this particular plan.

  • O2 Reviews

Internet Service Provider: 02 Broadband

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Review of 02 ISP:


O2 actually has a commendable performance and a myriad of plans that you could choose from. This is a name that is affiliated with BE Broadband because O2 owns it too. With the rest of the plans from O2, the speed is actually steady and reliable. Plus, there are different plan rates that they offer so you could pick the one which will suit your needs and budget.    

The lowest plan costs £8.50 per month which can be combined with your current O2 mobile service. If you do not have a mobile service plan, the total amount will be £13.50. The speed of this plan reaches 20 Mbps or 10 GB usage allowance. If you need more speed and increased usage allowance, you can upgrade to a higher plan which entails additional fees.

O2 bundles the Technicolor TG582n (O2 box 5 router) wireless router with many of their broadband plans, this ADSL2+ router has 4 fast Ethernet ports, 2x2 802.11n (2.4 GHz) compatible, 1 USB 2.0 (for 3G backup, shared printer and files), build in firewall, IPv6 ready and allows remote configuration using the TR-069 protocol.  After checking the helpful O2 forum there does seem to be issues with this router and online gaming especially with the PS3 and Xbox360.  The problem seems to be a noticeable lag and delay issue with games like FIFA12 and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.  The O2 forum recommends that you change the UPnP settings and also port forward special gaming ports using this website, for upnp settings, and

Another problem with the Technicolor router is that if you are trying to connect to a games console like Xbox360 or PS3 (they use 802.11g wireless protocol only) then you might need to disable the wireless n protocol in the router (see here on how to do, or if you many wireless devices in the house then you need to change the wireless channel from the default to a new channel such as 1, 6 or 11.  You can check how many wireless channels are being used here

If you go for O2, you also have the option to take the Home Phone service which is only £7.50. When this is bundled with the basic plan, the monthly fees will be £16. With the Home Phone service, you can maximize the use of the pay-as-you-go calls, free calls at night or during weekend and minimal call costs.

Benefits of O2 Broadband:

e    Well known ISP provider with a good stable internet connection.
e    More affordable for people who currently have O2 mobile service.
e    Excellent customer support, FAQ’s, and forums.

Disadvantages of O2 Broadband:

e    The super fast broadband plan is not available so you can not go for 24 Mbps+
e    The Home Access package should be improved to be able to satisfy customer needs better
e    Their seems to be some online gaming issues with O2’s new Technicolor TG582n router.

Recommendations for 02:

e    O2 could ask customers if they intend to play online games on consoles such as Xbox360, Playstation3 or Wii and then send a pre-configured router (Technicolor TG582n) that has been optimised for online gaming.  So O2 engineers would have a router profile for online gaming which has the correct upnp settings, correct gaming ports forward and the best wireless channel.

Overview Score:

7 out of 10

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