What Wireless Router is the Best for Apple iPad3?

Using your new Apple iPad 3 is a lot more fun if you are not having trouble with your internet connection, right?

If you have been having problems with your connections (drop outs, poor buffering and slow surfing) and it hinders you from maximizing the use of your Apple iPad 3, then it is time for you to get the right WiFi router to make sure you get full bandwidth from your internet connection no matter how many WiFi devices are connected.

Contrary to what most people think, wireless router does not only work for the internet. This is also an innovative device which allows transfer of data among computers that are recognized within the network. So, instead of simply accessing the worldwide web, it is also possible to establish a connection between computers.

Since the Apple iPad 3 is a very portable device, it would be quite disappointing to be stuck in a single spot just so you could use the network connection. That is why, it is best to get a wireless router which will allow you to access the connection so long as you stay within the wireless range.

When it comes to portable wireless router, the main aspect that you need to think of is the range. Bigger spaces require more complex requirements than the ones which are for smaller areas.

If you intend to use your wireless router at home, a simpler one would do. These are usually more affordable too. The range of signal would be sufficient for the entire household. Despite that, your neighbors would not be able to get strong signal, if in case they intend to tap your connections. If you feel that there are some spots in the house wherein your Apple iPad 3 is having weak wifi signal, you can boost it by adding multiple routers, repeater routers or even internet boosters.

Enterprise or office wireless routers have much stronger signal and are often much more expensive too. For office with several floors, it is best to add a few more booster wireless router.

Wireless routers pretty much work like the wired routers. The only difference is that the need to deal with annoying cables that could get tangled has been eliminated. If you are worried that there is confidential information in your iPad 3, you can easily secure the connection by using a password. A good wireless router for iPad 3 should have MAC address filtering. This means that other devices and computers which are not programmed into the system of the router would not be able to establish a connection. To double the protection that you can get, it is best to incorporate wi-fi protected access or WPA key too. Make sure that other people would not be able to easily figure out what they key is.

The newer models of wireless router which can be used for iPad 3 also have the invisible mode. This means that even if other devices and computers start searching for an available wireless network connection, the signal from your router would not be detected. Only the devices which you allowed to detect the signal will be able to connect to it.

Do not ruin the portability if the iPad 3 just because your internet connection confines you in a single place. When you got the perfect wireless router, using your iPad 3 will be much more enjoyable as you will share the full bandwidth of your internet connection no matter how many other devices such as PCs, notebooks, and smartphones are connected.

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5 thoughts on “What Wireless Router is the Best for Apple iPad3?

  1. I have just bought a new iPad 3 and wish to use it in my travels. Some hotel rooms only have a wired connection ( with a telephone style plug ) Can you recommend a compact “adaptor ( Router ? ) that will then give me the wireless use I need for the iPad which does not have a 3G facility ?

    Many thanks,


    • Hi Ken,

      If you are looking for a compact router to travel with then this model should do: –

      Linksys by Cisco WRT54GC Compact Wireless-G Broadband Cable Router.

      This is a wireless G version, so only supports up to 54Mb, but if the intended use is only within hotels then this will be ample enough to support the connections offered by hotels.

      The plug that you are talking about is the RJ45/Ethernet plug. You should connect a Ethernet/Cat5 cable to this plug in the hotel and then into the WAN interface of the router. You can then connect your Ipad3 into the wireless of the router.

      Some pre-configuration of the router may be necessary before taking it away to ensure that the WAN interface is set to gain an IP address automatically/be set in DHCP mode so that the hotel’s network can assign an IP address to the router. I would also suggest that your Ipad3 is pre-configured ready to connect to the router wirelessly before going away to avoid any unnecessary configuration time. If you are going abroad then a plug to convert the power may also be required and to also check that the power requirements of the relevant country will support the device.



  2. Hello,

    Am trying to create a password for my Netgear router with wifi, with an IPad3. I know what to do on the IPad end with settings but when trying to get into and into Admin, no luck.
    Any suggestions?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Debbie,

      Do you actually get the log in page when you type in or is this where the error is, or is it that the username and password get rejected?

      Netgear routers sometimes use the address

      The default username and password for the Netgear routers can vary across the different models, but it is usually username = admin and password = admin or admin / “blank

      You can Google the model number of the Netgear router and type default username and password and the search should usually return what it will be, or the various combinations that you can try. Ideally if you have the instruction manual this will have the full details.

      If you have actually set a password on the router and have forgotten this then you will need to reset the router back to factory defaults and setup the device again from scratch. You will need to know your broadband username and password to do this, and therefore it may be worthwhile speaking to your ISP support team (TalkTalk) and have them guide you through this if you do not feel confident as it could disable your Internet connection completely without having the correct details or inputting them correctly.



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