What Wireless Router is Best for Hulu?

Hulu is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, website when it comes to on demand video streaming of the very latest TV shows and films. This site has successfully collected all major TV shows, movies, clips, videos and a whole lot of other video materials in one portal. Are you captivated by this website too?

Hulu provides excellent quality when it comes to the videos that they stream. You will see that some are in Flash video format while there are others that are in 288p, 460p, 480p and even 720 HD (High Definition Format). For other formats like the ones in 288p and 460p, loading and watching the video would not be much of a problem. However, if you want to access the 480p and 720 HD videos, your wireless router which can already be considered as an antique would certainly not do the job. It is time for you to get rid of the old and embrace the new technology when it comes to wireless routers.

To be able to play the HD movie trailers (e.g. The Avengers, Twilight and The Hobbit), HD movies (e.g. Mission Impossible 3, Titanic 3D, TinTin) and American TV shows (e.g. Glee, New Girl and Family Guy) from Hulu, using a good broadband connection over 10Mb is best if you want to stream multiple shows and different smart wifi devices.

The average speed for downloading has to be at least 3 Mbps if you would like to watch the ones in HD format. For the ones that are rendered in standard video format, 1.5 Mbps will do but not ideal. Given that the plan you subscribed from your internet provider can already satisfy this requirement, how do you make sure that your wireless router will not negate its performance as a good router can increase internet speeds by over 50%?

First, you have to look into the specifications of the wireless router. Opting for 802.11n is a popular choice these days because it is the finest among all available routers. It is true that the 802.11g is close to being obsolete. However, before you spend money on an 802.11n router, make sure first if your devices would work with this. If not, opting for an 802.11n router which can be modified is a better choice.

Second, it may be a good idea to pay attention to the Ethernet ports of the router. Since accessing Hulu can be done through different devices, if all these are connected to the network, then the connection would really slow down. If your wireless port has an Ethernet port, you can connect the devices which are near it so the transmission would not be too congested. You might even get faster video loading in Hulu if your computer or device is connected to the Ethernet port.

Third, aspect to consider is the antenna. This is a facet that is often ignored by a lot of people because they are too engrossed with all the technical specifications. Truth is, the type of router antenna will greatly affect the internet speed. Some wireless routers have internal antenna to make it more portable. However, those which come with multiple external antennas will help you get excellent video streaming via Hulu. This will prevent jittery, hanging videos, poor buffering and downloading lag. If you can modify the antenna, you might want to change it to a more powerful one so your Hulu viewing will never be interrupted by weak signal again.

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