What Wireless Router is Best for Channel 4 On Demand (4OD)?

Picking the best router which will enable you to enjoy Channel 4 On Demand or 4oD seamlessly without any buffering is not an easy task. Are you confused as to which one you should pick too?

Before you even get all too baffled with the options that you can see in the market, the best thing to do is to sit down and enumerate the specifications that you need. That way, you can instantly trim down your options and pinpoint which one will work best for 4oD or any other media streaming service.

4oD can be accessed in various platforms like Channel 4.com, TalkTalk TV, BT Vision, Virgin Media, Playstation 3, iOS, Xbox 360 and other major web platforms. All these would function well if you got a speedy internet which can give you steady connection 24/7 with zero buffering.

What are the aspects that you should look into?

1. Dual Band Routers (2.4 GHz spectrum versus 5 GHz spectrum): It is easy to assume that the 5 GHz spectrum is a far better option. However, the decision really depends on your preference as a user. For 4oD, there should be less interference with the bandwidth because these could hinder the transmission of audio and video data to the device. If your home is packed with different gadgets which also use 2.4 GHz, the bandwidth will become too congested to be able to access 4oD with ease. Wireless routers with 5GHz are a bit more expensive. However, this can give better transmission because of less interference.

Single band and dual band wireless routers also exist these days. Using the 2.4 GHz is more preferred by many because of the wider scope for range. This works best if your house does not use too many devices which connect through 2.4 GHZ bandwidth. The moment that you acquire more gadgets and this bandwidth becomes congested, switching to 5GHz is easier if your router is dual band. There is no need to buy another wireless router.

2. Internet Protocols (IPv6 versus IPv4): This pertains to the internet protocol. More advanced wireless routers these days are also geared to be compatible with IPv6 since this is supposedly the enhanced version of IPv4. The improvement is created to perk up the transfer of data across networks. Although internet standards have not exhausted the IPv4, it is best to opt for a wireless router which also works for IPv6. Your 4oD would run more smoothly with less interruptions with the busy IPv4 traffic and if further improvements are implemented, your router would not have trouble handling these.

3. Wireless Protocols (802.11g versus 802.11n): Some can hastily say that investing on an 802.11n router is the right choice. It is true, since this is the latest technology when for wireless routers. However, you might want to consider 802.11g that can be modified. This can also be a great option because you can still get impressive streaming on your 4oD. Aside from that, some of the devices that you use for 4oD might not be compatible with 802.11n. There are 802.11g wireless routers which can be modified by adding custom firmware or replacing antennas but it is recommended that you use a wireless n broadband router.

A wireless router which has stable performance is the key in keeping yourself updated with that 4oD has to offer as there is nothing more annoying then watching an exciting TV show like Dr.Who and just as a key scene appears you have to wait 2 minutes while the buffering catches up. With a good router this problem becomes a thing of the past as multiple smart devices can be using your wireless connection but each device will have maximum bandwidth.

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