What Wireless Router is Best for BBC iPlayer?

If you need your daily fix of Eastenders or Masterchef that your BBC iPlayer can give you, then it is imperative to have a wireless router which will give you the connection that you need. Since BBC iPlayer is a software application which can be accessed from different devices, being stuck in one corner of the house just to get the service is not a good thing. When you have a router, you will be able to receive signal anywhere within the house and nothing else can stop you from enjoying the free BBC iPlayer service.

Using the BBC iPlayer is not the same as simply accessing your email or browsing through web pages. This involves downloading of images and streaming of MP4 video and sound. Hence, the internet speed that is required to make it function well is a bit more complex than what you need for simple online tasks.

How do you know if the wireless router you got at home or the one that you are planning to buy will allow you to enjoy BBC iPlayer? Here are the top three aspects to consider when choosing a router:

1. Consistent Data Delivery: When it comes to streaming, just like the features that you can enjoy through BBC iPlayer, it is important to have a smooth transmission of data as you don’t want constant buffering messages or dropouts that cause you to start the stream again from the beginning. This avoids having to deal with jittery videos and audio with is vital when watching TV and films. When there is interruption with the signal, it can be quite annoying to utilize your BBC iPlayer because of the lag time and endless buffering of data. A wireless router which has support for QoS or Quality of Services technology which works for multimedia traffic prioritizations would do a good job.

2. Multi-Level Security: When you want to enjoy the BBC iPlayer, you would most likely want to have it available in several devices. Is it possible to allow the gadgets (Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Android Devices, Tablets and Notebooks) to access the network without jeopardizing the personal and confidential details that are in other computers that connect to the same network? Wireless routers come with different security settings like WPA, WPA2, SPI Firewall, VPN pass through and NAT. These are great when it comes to ensuring that other people could not tap your network. However, you need to allow the router to identify your device so that you can use the BBC iPlayer. Look for a wireless router which allows secure guest access. This means that other devices can connect to the same network but other gadgets and devices, like laptops and desktops, would remain secured. The last thing you want is a neighbour to steal all your bandwidth whilst trying to watch the latest episode of Dr.Who and you end up waiting an hour for the episode to buffer.

3. 802.11n Technology: You can encounter wireless networks which specify 802.11b, 802.11g and others. These are the protocols. The most advanced one is the 802.11n. If you would like to be able to maximize the speed of your internet connection no matter how many devices are connected, it is best to opt for this latest protocol. This could easily handle speed and would give you better transmission for your BBC iPlayer and if you internet is fast enough stream multiple shows at one go.

When buying a broadband router, do not just check the price and the router brand. It is important to pay attention to the specifications too because these will contribute to the type of performance that your BBC iPlayer will give you in terms of smooth playback with no buffering.

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