What Router Does Virgin Media Broadband Use?

Virgin Media is known to provide the fastest broadband services in the United Kingdom. They have broadband packages with speeds up to 30Mb, 60Mb and even 100Mb. The reason why Virgin Media is capable of providing these speeds to a wide customer base is because of their network of fibre optic cables.

Most regular broadband routers will not be able to handle the speeds that Virgin Media can provide. This is why company supplies the Virgin Media Super Hub router to its customers. This broadband fibre router can handle mega speeds of up to 100Mb and even up to 120Mb and more should this be available in the future.

The router is uniquely positioned upright to give the best possible range of wireless coverage. On the back of the router are 4 Ethernet ports (Gigabit Ports) and a fibre optic cable port. The fibre optic cable port is for areas that have fibre optic connections.

However, this does not mean that Virgin Media cannot provide internet access to areas without fibre optic cables. If the area does not have fibre optic cables available, Virgin Media can provide internet connectivity through a regular phone line. In such cases, another type of internet ADSL router needs to be used.

On the side of the router are the very bright blue and green status lights. On top row is a double-headed arrow that lights up when data is being transmitted through the network. The second light will light up when the router has successfully connected the Virgin Media network. The lowest button lights up when the router successfully makes a wireless connection.

The reset and power button are located on the other side of the router. Should the router show any problems, shutting down or resetting the device is one way to solve them. There were some recent issues with the Super Hub in the early stages of release (dropping connectivity, poor WiFi coverage, not able to handle multiple WiFi devices, problems with 5 Ghz band) but this seems to have been addressed with a number of automatic firmware upgrades with the R30 firmware being the latest.

Customers can do an initial setup on their own. Setup instructions are included with the router and are also available online. The company does not provide setup instructions on CD. If a customer does not feel comfortable with setting up the Super Hub router, an engineer is dispatched to the location to perform the initial setup but there may be a cost involved.

You will need to remember that the Super Hub router uses the wireless “N” technology. Not all computers are capable of receiving the wireless “N” signal. If your computer is not wireless “N” capable, you will need to purchase a wireless “N” adapter or wireless card separately. This is so you can take full advantage of the super speeds that the Super Hub router can provide.

The Super Hub router also has the WPS security feature. On the front of the router is located the WPS button. Depressing this button will enable WPS compatible devices to connect to your network without requiring a password. This makes it faster and easier for you to connect your WPS compatible devices.

Virgin Media has been providing the fastest broadband services for the past 4 years with speeds now approaching 100Mb and above. Their network of fibre optic cables has enabled them to provide this type of service to a good majority of their customers in the UK. Not only do they provide super fast broadband services, they also provide a router that is capable of handling high speed internet connection, sharing this connection to your home network, downloading huge amounts of data (Blu-Ray Films, PC Games via Steam, HD Films, 3-D Films) and streaming media (Netflix HD Films, BBC iPlayer, Catch-up TV)

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