What Router does TalkTalk Use?

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TalkTalk subscribers can use many different types of routers, but if you choose to buy a router directly from TalkTalk, you can only choose from what the company has available. TalkTalk’s collection of Wi-Fi routers for sale is rather limited and only include:

D-Link DSL 2680. This basic router from D-Link is ideal for families who use the Internet for basic connection needs such as surfing. It is also powerful enough, supports up to 150 Mbps speed, and uses the Wireless N technology. It is also easy to set up and relies on WPS for security.

D-Link DSL 2780. This is a wired and wireless combination router that supports both wired and wireless connections at the same time as it is equipped with built-in quadruple Ethernet ports. TalkTalk allows you to surf the Internet and play online games without experiencing connection problems. It is also built to achieve greater speeds of up to 280 Mbps.

• Huawei HG521. The Huawei HG521 is a router that’s exclusively designed for TalkTalk’s broadband service. This means it is also optimized for the service and is therefore what the company recommends the most. It can also support wired devices but only once at a time since it has only one built-in Ethernet port. It also uses the Wireless N technology and can achieve speeds of up to 150 Mbps.

• Huawei HG532. Also designed and optimized for TalkTalk’s broadband, the Huawei HG532 is more versatile as it can support wireless connectivity together with four Ethernet connections at the same time. It also has a special button that allows you to turn off wireless signals when not in use. Also backed by the Wireless N technology, it offers up to 280 Mbps of speed

Talk Talk also provides support for other wireless routers, including:

• D-Link DSL-2640R – The D-Link DSL-2640R is a Wireless G router, which is why Talk Talk has stopped actively offering this router for sale. This is a good wireless networking router designed for the home.

Netgear DGN2000 – Talk Talk also provides support for the Netgear DGN2000 router, a wireless-N router with a built-in DSL modem.

Netgear DG834G – This is versatile networking equipment that combines a router, an ADSL modem, and a 10/100 LAN switch into one. It comes with the Smart Wizard easy installation package and works like a charm with TalkTalk internet.

TalkTalk has tested all routers and found them compatible with the company’s broadband services.

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