What Router does Sky Use?

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Sky Broadband uses its own wireless router and includes this in its broadband packages. New Sky Broadband subscribers use the Sky wireless N router, the latest in their range of routers. Now operating on the wireless N technology, the Sky wireless N router is able to achieve a more reliable signal and to provide a greater range of broadband connectivity through your home or office.

Old Sky Broadband subscribers can upgrade their existing routers to the new Sky router. To do so, just request for one from Sky Broadband and it will be sent to you. Once you receive it, simply plug it in then look for your network signal to connect. Once ready, press the WPS button on the side of the router. The routers are optimized to work with Sky Broadband and therefore are not difficult to set up.

Sky offers detailed support for their subscribers by providing a step by step guide on their website. They also offer a PDF file of how to set up the wireless router, which can be downloaded for free from the Sky website.

Once the new router arrives, you can simply return your old one to Sky or recycle it. Sky, however, recommends sending it back to them for reuse and recycling. Make sure to package the router carefully and send it to:

Sky Accessories
Unipart Technology Logistics
Unit G Swift Park
Old Leicester Road

If you’re a Sky Broadband subscriber, the company is now using a new router. To enjoy greater speeds and to be able to maximize your broadband connection, make sure you request for a new one. The new Sky wireless routers now connect via the 802.11n standard, the latest wireless networking standard that improves on the speed capability of the older standards including the 802.11g.

There is no need to use an old, out-of-date router anymore. Sky Broadband also provides its own version of the latest wireless N routers to make sure the quality of their connection is consistent and that all their subscribers enjoy the same level of quality. This is an effort to centralize the quality of their service and is one of the strengths of Sky Broadband.

Despite the availability of a Sky wireless router, you are still free to use any router as long as it is compatible with Sky’s broadband service. Sky does not have a list of supported devices, though and instead recommends using the Sky wireless N router for optimized web surfing.

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