What Router does Plusnet Use?

Plusnet broadband subscribers can get a free wireless router when they take any of Plusnet’s broadband packages. Plusnet has several packages aimed towards home users and business users. Currently, there are two home packages and three business packages. Packages with free routers and other features require 24-month contracts. Plusnet also offers broadband and phone bundles.

Plusnet broadband has been supplying the Netgear N150 WNR1000 since January 2011. In the past, they have also supplied the Thomson 585 and the SpeedTouch ST-516. To provide support and assistance to Plusnet subscribers who are still using their old routers, Plusnet still offers setup and troubleshooting guides for both routers.

There is a reason why Plusnet chose the Netgear N150 WNR1000. Netgear is a trusted brand of routers and thus adds extra reliability to the equally reputed ISP. This model is also one of Netgear’s simplest yet most secure and reliable offers. It uses the Wireless N technology to provide a consistent connection at all times, and ships with a Smart Wizard CD that allows users to install and set up the router easily. The router is packed with many great features such as the Netgear Genie, an easy dashboard controller designed for home networks, and the Push ‘N’ Connect, which offers secured connections at a push of a button. The router is also highly recommended for families because it comes with free built-in parental controls, but is equally useful for families because it provides separate security and access restrictions on a guest network. It also has 4 different ports to give you added flexibility, which makes it useful for those who have lots of gadgets and gizmos that they want to connect to the router. Aside from that, the router comes with a broadband usage meter that helps users monitor Internet traffic and send customized reports to help them control their usage.

The Netgear N150 WNR1000 scores extra points for its Energy Star features, such as the power adaptor, the power button, the Wi-Fi on/off button, and the packaging, 80 percent of which is made from recycled materials.

This router, which ships with a lifetime warranty from Netgear, can be used with Plusnet’s broadband Internet packages as well as Fibre Optic packages. Plusnet provides complete support to all their subscribers who are already using the Netgear N150 WNR1000 in the form of a setup guide, a troubleshooting guide, and some FAQs.

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