What Router Does BT Infinity Use?

BT Infinity is known to be the most reliable internet service in the UK. BT Infinity is a superfast internet service and can provide download speeds of up to 100Mb. However, not all homes will be able to receive these speeds. You will need to inquire at the BT Infinity website if these speeds are available in your area.

BT Infinity supplies the Home Hub router for their customers to connect to the internet. However, installing the router is not as simple as it looks, especially if you do not have a fibre optic connection in your home. A fibre optic connection will need to be installed before you can install a router and get connected to the internet.

The first part of the installation process is to connect a small box outside your home that will receive the fibre optic cable. Another cable is installed that connects from that box to a RJ45 port inside your home. This port will need to be beside or near two power outlets because aside from the router, you will also need a separate modem.

The BT Infinity Home Hub router is not integrated with a modem. The router will be delivered to you, but an engineer will bring the BT Infinity modem to your home on the scheduled installation date. The actual Home Hub router setup is relatively simple, but an engineer will do the setup for you to make sure that everything is set-up correctly and will work when completed.

The BT Infinity Home Hub router has features that are not available on most routers. For example, the router has a smart wireless technology that can avoid interference. The system monitors the Wi-Fi channel and if it has too much interference, it will automatically switch to another channel.

The router also has Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) so that you can connect all your WPS compatible devices without having to enter a password. Only your WPS compatible devices will be able to connect to your network making it safe and secure.

Your BT Infinity Home Hub router is on 24 hours a day, everyday, even when you’re not online. When you are not online, or when there is no traffic on your home network, the router automatically switches to power save mode. When traffic on the network is detected, the router will switch back to full-power mode.

With the BT Infinity Home Hub router, you can experience superfast internet speeds on all of your home network devices. You can download movies in much less time using these speeds and even upload files a whole lot faster.

The Home Hub router ensures that all of your home network wireless devices are connected to the internet at high speeds with the wireless “N” technology. If your devices are able to connect using wireless “N”, you will be able to experience the benefits of this technology. If not, then you will have to purchase a wireless “N” adapter so that your computer or device can take full advantage of this type of technology.

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