What is the TalkTalk Router Default Password?

As a new subscriber for TalkTalk’s broadband Internet service, you will be sent a free router. The router you will be provided will depend on the broadband package you availed of. TalkTalk makes sure that the router you will be given matches the needs requirements of your broadband service.

In order to set up the router, you will need to access the router configuration settings. You will, however, need a password for this. Your TalkTalk router will come with a default password, which may or may not differ depending on the brand of the router you receive.

The common default router password is “admin” or any variation of it, such as:

• admin
• administrator

Since passwords are case-sensitive, you have to type in your password in the exact manner it is given to you. Usually, this router is provided to you by the router manufacturer, not TalkTalk itself. Thus, you can find it in the user’s manual or user guide on the router CD that came with your TalkTalk router.

For some router brands, however, there is no default password. Thus, while you need to type “admin” or the correct variation of it in the username field, you can simply leave the password field blank.

Changing your default router password

As this is the default, however, and default passwords are easily known to hackers and intruders, then it would be best that you change the default password as soon as you’ve finished setting up your router.

If you’ve changed your TalkTalk router’s default password, then remember the combination or write it down and keep it in a secure place. Keep in mind that there is no way to retrieve a lost username or password. The router configurations page does not offer a “Forgot Password” option.

In case you forgot your new TalkTalk password, the only option you have to be able to access the router configurations settings again is to do a factory reset.

How to do a factory reset on my TalkTalk Router?

In order to do a factory reset on your TalkTalk router, just follow the instructions below:

1. Unplug all the cable connections of the router, except the power cable.
2. Turn on the wireless TalkTalk router.
3. Look for the reset button, which is one of the very few buttons that your router will come with. This is, however, a very small hole that does not look like a button at all. Fortunately, it does usually come with a label.
4. Look for anything sharp that you can use to press the small button inside the hole. This can be a fine tip pen or a paper clip that has been straightened.
5. Press the tip into the hole until you feel it press the button, then hold it for about 10 seconds.
6. While pressing into the reset button, check the router’s lights to make sure they start blinking; this is an indication that the router is successfully rebooting.
7. Once they’ve finished blinking or if the 10 seconds are up, release the button. Your router is now back to factory default.

Once you reset your router, it will be good as new, so you have to configure it again before you may use it.

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