What is the Best Router?

If you do not look closely to the different features of the routers, it is easy to assume that they are all the same. The design is the only thing that makes the difference. With this kind of thinking, you would most likely end up buying the cheapest one. And that is a serious mistake. A lot of people have done the same thing and end up regretting their purchase and spending more money.

So, if you are planning to buy a new router to improve your home broadband connection in terms of speed and reliability, what are the router aspects that you should closely look into?

How do you determine if the wireless router that you are eyeing will satisfy your needs?

Here is a quick router guide which will make the tedious task of best router selection less complicated for you:

Router Firewall – A lot of people tend to ignore this aspect because they focus more on the other specifications. Truth is, this is the most important feature that you need to look into, especially if you are buying a wireless router. Routers usually involve the use of WEP key. However, this has been superseded by stronger protection like the WPA2. More expensive routers even have specially designed software which provides heightened protection against hackers. Most new routers in 2012 have an inbuilt software firewall called SPI firewall and this will suit most users’ needs.

Router Compatibility with ISP – Before you even start checking out different routers, it is important to determine the type of service that you are getting from your ISP. Some routers are designed for ADSL while there are others which work for the faster and more sophisticated ADSL+ / ADSL2+. If you are planning to move to fibre broadband in 2013 then make sure the router is compatible with fibre connections, or you may have to upgrade the router again.

Router Antenna Type – You will notice that some routers have internal antenna while others have multiple antennas. The antenna type contributes a lot when it comes to the efficient transmission of data, particularly for wireless routers. Having a unidirectional antenna might be sufficient for small confined spaces. However, if you want to cover a broader range or several floors of your home or office, the one with multiple antennas is what you need. There are even routers which can be enhanced by replacing the antennas with a more powerful one so that the signal would remain uninterrupted.

Router Speed – Routers do not automatically transmit the same speed of your ISP plan. Even if you have the super fast ISP, if your router is unable to handle this, you would not be able to maximize what you are paying for every month. The older models of routers can only go as fast as 11 Mbps. Since there are superbly fast internet service packages these days, some routers are designed to be capable of giving 54 Mbps to as fast as 300 Mbps.

Router Brand – Yes, there are also other brands of router which costs far less than the more popular ones like Linksys, Belkin, D-Link, Kasda, Cisco and others. However, it is important to consider the durability and reliability of such. It is still best to rely only on trusted brands of wireless routers.

Whether you are buying your router online from sites like TheProductSite.com, PC World, Scan.co.uk or right from the store, you need to ask about warranty conditions. This is important especially if you are buying a brand that you have never tried before. That way, your cash would not go the drain if anything goes wrong.

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