What is the Best Broadband Router?

Are you confused because of all the jargons and acronyms that you are seeing when checking out broadband routers? There is no denying, this can really be a complex task especially if you have no idea about the aspects that has to be given much importance.

Before you get too confused because of all the features and specifications for wireless routers these days, the foremost important aspect that you need to look into is the standard. What do those letters after 802.11 indicate? Should you go for A, B, G or N? Will it really make a lot of difference?

Yes, 802.11g and 802.11n are two different standards. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to this specification when choosing the best broadband router. The earlier models of routers use the 802.11a. This is superseded by newer models which have improved functions and performance. Today, the following are the more practical options that you should consider:

Wireless G: This is considered as the most basic among the different options these days. You should not get anything that is slower than the maximum speed of Wireless G routers. This may not be the latest technology but the 54 Mbps speed that it offers can still suffice for the usual internet surfing needs. It is perfect for homes which do not have multiple computers and devices which need to connect to the internet all at the same time.

Wireless G+ or Enhanced: This is a step up from the Wireless G routers. In fact, this is still considered as the fastest unit to base model. Do not underestimate the performance of the Wireless G or enhanced router because this can deliver up to 108 Mbps speed so it is twice faster than the Wireless G. Aside from the usual web browsing, this can also easily handle video streaming. To ensure that the videos would not end up choppy, it is best to limit the number of computers or devices connected to it to avoid congestion.

Wireless N: If you do more than just web surfing, there is no other option for you than the wireless N broadband router. This is the perfect choice especially for super fast internet connection that ISPs offer these days. It can perform up to 600 Mbps so your super fast connection would not be slowed down when you use this router.

Aside from the broadband router standard, you have to double check the range too. Some routers have replaceable antenna so you have the opportunity to modify the settings to get better coverage. On the other hand, there are also routers which are already designed to have long range. This works perfectly for homes which are spacious and have several floors.

Knowing these specifics about router will solve your dilemma about choosing the right router. It does not take rocket science just to be able to determine which router will give you the best performance. When you have the best performing router, your internet experience will be much more enjoyable. No more hassle about lower signal, congested transmission and interrupted connections.

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