What is the Best 802.11ac Router Available?

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802.11ac is certainly creating a buzz in the network world and those who have heard about the amazing wireless speed that this new protocol can provide are already looking for routers that are 802.11ac enabled. This is partly because some hardware manufacturers are already claiming that they will soon be coming out with 802.11ac devices.

Sad to say, even though hardware manufacturers are claiming that they will come out with their devices by the end of the year, the finalized 802.11ac protocol will still not be ready by then. The protocol is expected to be finalized by mid to the end of 2013, which is still quite a long way from now.

Even if these hardware manufacturers market their routers before the release of the 802.11ac protocol, it is still too early to say that their devices would be the best. It is likely that they will still need to come out with firmware upgrades for their devices once the finalized protocol has been released.

If you’re already in the market for an 802.11ac router, then it would be best to wait for another year or more. Once the new protocol has been released, you can expect to see a flood of 802.11ac routers. This would still not be a good time to buy one, unless you want to risk buying the poorest quality router instead of the best.

A good time to check for the best 802.11ac router would be when there are a good amount of customer reviews for each of them. You can expect to see many other sites doing comparison reviews for these routers and they will also have their recommendations as to which router is the best.

Like most wireless protocols, the 802.11ac is expected to develop once it has been finalized and hardware products have been sold to customers. This development stage will take some time and router specifications will change.

The best 802.11ac router would be from a hardware manufacturer that is known to provide good quality products, in terms of materials used and router specifications. You will also want to consider the manufacturer’s track record for providing support. This will be important because the protocol is new and you can expect to see changes that will require hardware upgrades from time to time.

You do not want to get in a position where your router manufacturer takes so much time to upgrade their device, while your friend’s router has already been upgraded and your friend is realizing the full advantages of the protocol.

The best way to find out which 802.11ac router is the best is to wait until such time product review sites can do comparisons and make their recommendations. At this time, the best 802.11ac router has not been made and it should take about a year or even more to find out which one is really the best. If you buy one too early, you will be risking ending up with the worse router instead of the best. You will need to patiently wait until all the votes are in.

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