What Is My TalkTalk Wireless Router Password?

As a subscriber of TalkTalk, you may have been given a wireless router to use for your broadband Internet. In order to use your router, you will need to set it up, during which you will be asked for a password.

Now, for clarification purposes, it is important for you to understand the distinction between your router password and your TalkTalk wireless connection password. Your router has its own username and password combination, which is set to default when you receive your password. You will not be able to properly configure your wireless router if you do not have the correct password. The default router password is “admin”, which is the same as the default username. This applies to any router regardless of brand.

Aside from your router password, you will also have a username and password combination for your TalkTalk wireless connection. Your username and password is your key to TalkTalk’s wireless settings in case you need to make certain adjustments to your account or you wish to access and view your account.

Since the router password is set to default and rarely needs to be changed, it is very easy to remember. However, many TalkTalk subscribers lose their TalkTalk wireless passwords.

Check Router Packaging

If you availed of a TalkTalk package wherein you were given a free router by the ISP (Internet Service Provider), your default TalkTalk wireless password, as well as the corresponding username, will be provided to you on a sticker attached or included in the package of your router. Some TalkTalk subscribers, however, still face certain problems, such as:

• If the TalkTalk router does not come with a sticker containing your Talk Talk username and password.
• If you’re using a different router that does not come from TalkTalk
• If you have misplaced the stickercontaining your Talk Talk username and password.
• If you have manually changed the username or password (or both) for your wireless connection

TalkTalk strongly advises its subscribers to manually change their passwords once their broadband account is up and running. This is often the case with any system that uses randomly assigned passwords. Since these random passwords are difficult to remember, it would be better if the account holder change it to something that is easier for him or her to remember.

Unfortunately, sometimes, some subscribers still forget the password that they themselves set. And this means that even if you still have the sticker, you will not be able to access your account.

Give TalkTalk A Call

In any of the three situations above, the easiest way to retrieve your username and password is to give TalkTalk a call at 0870-0875-562. If you have a TalkTalk landline phone, you can make a call to the ISP’s automated hotline for free.

Access Your Connection Settings

There is one other way through which you can retrieve your TalkTalk password. Just follow the steps below:

First, open your web browser; any browser will do, so you can use Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer, among others. Once booted up, type into the address bar. Take note to omit the “www” used in website URLs; this is not necessary when accessing your TalkTalk account summary. At this point, you will be asked to provide a username and password; this is referring to your router details. Thus, just input “admin” in both fields and click OK. On the next page, you will see a summary of your connection details. On the left-hand side of the screen, there is a button labeled Quick Start.

In the Quick Start page, you will be able to find your:

• Wireless Network Name (SSID)
• Wireless Network Password

Take note of these details and keep them in a safe and secure location.

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6 thoughts on “What Is My TalkTalk Wireless Router Password?

    • Hi Jamie,

      See this post from the TalkTalk website – Before you can connect an iPhone to your wireless router you need to know your wireless network name and wireless password. If you don’t know what your wireless network name and wireless password is, see What is my wireless network name and wireless password?

      If you know your wireless network name and wireless password you can connect your iPhone by carrying out the steps below.

      On your iPhone home screen, select the Settings icon.

      Select Wi-Fi.

      If Wi-Fi is set to OFF, touch the on/off slider to turn it ON.

      Select your network name under the Choose a Network… section.

      Enter the wireless password and select Join.

      All you need from TalkTalk to connect your iPhone to your wireless network is your wireless network name and wireless password. If you are unable to connect after following the above steps please see Apple’s iPhone support site for further assistance.



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