What does hosted PBX mean in relation to my business?

What does hosted PBX mean in relation to my business?

Hosted PBX is essentially an offshoot of business VoIP technology, VoIP meaning voice/telephone over internet protocol. Hosted PBX (Private Branch eXchange) means that your phone is ‘hosted’/operated by your VoIP provider.

A hosted PBX phone solution means that your entire telephone system in your office is managed online, meaning you can cut down on the cost of traditional telephone equipment and line rental charges.

This solution also allows employees to work from home, their mobiles or anywhere really while remaining connected to the same core telephone network.

This all operates alongside the usual phone features: call waiting, messaging, phone books, hold music, conference call support and automated attendant services.

‘Local’ numbers can even be set up many miles away from your location – for example you may want a Glasgow phone number to appeal to Scottish customers but the call will actually divert to a London office where you are based.

Calls through this service are often cheaper and the entire system is usually much more cost effective over the long run.

A hosted PBX service can work alongside your existing traditional phone line or completely replace it and the usage is far easier to monitor than with those old fashioned lines.

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