What are my TalkTalk Router Settings?

If you are still using a TalkTalk router for your TalkTalk Broadband, then you first need to set up your router for it to be able to connect to your broadband service. However, if you are a TalkTalk subscriber who is using a USB modem instead of a router, then there is no need to set it up as it already comes pre-configured.

While you are setting up your TalkTalk router, you will be asked to provide certain details. Some of the information you will be asked may differ for every type of router, but some of the settings are the same.

• VPI (Virtual Path Finder). This should be set to 0.
• VCI (or Virtual Circuit Identifier). This should be set to 38.
• MTU. This should be set to 1432.
• DNS settings. This should be set to obtain automatically. Terms may differ for every router, so if there is no option to obtain DNS settings automatically, you can set it to the equivalent option.
• Encapsulation. Choose VC-MUX.
• Modulation type. Choose the Auto setting or G.DMT.
• Authentication type: Set it to CHAP.
• Protocol. This should be set to PPP over ATM (PPPoA).

These settings will be asked when you run the setup wizard, which is usually, for most routers, supplied in a TalkTalk router setup CD along with your router. If your router does not come with a setup CD, you can access your router settings through a webpage. To access the web portal for your router, you will need the IP address that comes with your router. Check your router’s packaging as this is usually provided in the box. All you need to do is enter this IP address as is in the address bar of your web browser.

Take note, however, that some of these settings may be named differently for routers of different brands. Also, some early models of routers, specifically those from Netgear, are not compatible with TalkTalk; thus, even if you enter all information correctly, the routers will most likely refuse to function properly.

Other than old Netgear models, most other routers are compatible with TalkTalk broadband. However, if you wish to receive ongoing support from TalkTalk, it is best if you stick with the router provided and supported by the ISP. These routers include:

1. TalkTalk Compatible D-Link Wireless Routers
a. DSL-2680
b. DSL-2780
c. DSL-2640R
d. DSL-2740R

2. TalkTalk Compatible Huawei Wireless Routers
a. HG521
b. HG532
c. HG520b

3. TalkTalk Compatible Netgear Wireless Routers
a. DG834PM
b. DGN2000

TalkTalk Username and Password Settings:

Aside from the general settings listed above, you will also be asked for a TalkTalk username and password. This is a unique username and password combination used only for your TalkTalk broadband. This is different from the username and password combination for your computer, if you are using one for security purposes.

Your TalkTalk broadband username and password are sent to you in a letter upon your subscription to TalkTalk. If you have misplaced the letter and cannot remember the details, you may retrieve them by calling TalkTalk’s automated phone service at 0870-0875-562 at any time. Calls are free if you use your TalkTalk phone line at home.

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  1. I have just downloaded and registered a copy of Postbox version 1.1.5 (later versions are not compatible with MAC OSX Tiger (10.4.11)), but when Postbox asks for my email account password, it does not seem to accept it, and I am not receiving emails through this email address. As far as I know all the other settings are correct, but I might have got this wrong. Can you help please? I am dependent upon email to this account for my work.

    Kind Regards,

    Reverend Vincent Smith

    • Hi Vincent,

      I suggest you contact TalkTalk and make sure all your details are correct, then we can rule the problem to being the setup of the Postbox software.

      Let me know results so we can look at the next step.



  2. Important piece of Information about router settings. The talk-talk router settings has a virtual path finder that is set to zero along with a Virtual circuit identifier that is set to 38. The Huwaei Wireless routers are compatible with HG 521 and HG 532.

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