Top 5 Benefits of 802.11ac Wireless Protocol for 2012

Wireless connectivity has taken a leap forward with the new 802.11ac protocol. Wireless connection speeds will increase to unimaginable speeds and network interference will decrease. The end result will be a faster and more stable wireless home network.

However, just to make it clear, the 802.11ac protocol has not yet been finalized. It is still in the draft stages and won’t be finalized until mid next year or even later.

Based on what we can gather about this new protocol, we can come up with the top benefits for this year. As the protocol develops along the way, the benefits may increase, but for now here are the top 5 benefits of the 802.11ac protocol.

1 – Decreased Interference

The 802.11ac protocol is already being dubbed as the 5G protocol. Reason being, this protocol will use the 5 GHz band. Earlier protocols use the 2.4 Ghz band and unfortunately a lot of wireless devices and even household appliances use this band. This creates a lot of interference that slow down the wireless connection speed.

With the 802.11ac using the 5 GHz band, interference is expected to be reduced because of fewer wireless devices that use this band. This translates to less interference and faster wireless connection speeds.

2 – New Routers will be Backwards Compatible

It will still take some time before the finalized 802.11ac is released, but hardware manufacturers that intend to make routers based on this protocol have mentioned that the routers will still be compatible to earlier wireless protocols, such as the 802.11n, .11g, and .11b.

This will be great because not everybody will be able to afford to purchase new wireless devices. Home network owners can purchase an 802.11ac router and can still provide internet access to the home network even if other devices are not 802.11ac enabled yet.

3 – Beamforming Technology to be used by 802.11ac router.

One of the biggest factors that decrease the wireless connectivity speed in a home network is interference. With beamforming, 802.11ac routers can decrease interference to some degree. The router detects approximately what area the device is and amplifies the signal on the antenna that the device is communicating to.

4 – Better Video and Online Gaming Experience

With the increased wireless bandwidth, you’ll be able to watch movies or play online games wherever you are inside your home. There is word that at these speeds, there will no longer be any need for buffering.

5 – Greatly Improved Internet Speed

802.11ac is all about increased wireless connectivity speed. Your wireless devices will be able to connect to your router at speed up to 1.3 Gbps if the protocol can be fully utilized. There are some sceptics that think that devices will not be able to connect anywhere above 1 Gb with this protocol simply because there are too many factors that will slow down the connection. However, if you can still establish a connection anywhere near 1 Gbps, this will still be extremely fast and translate into a much better wireless connectivity experience.

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