Thinking inside the box: The importance of the router in home broadband

Thinking inside the box: The importance of the router in home broadband

As the demands of the internet continue to increase, your home needs a router than can keep up with the times. After all, it’s not just about browsing simple web pages and checking emails anymore.

Today, the average internet user streams high definition videos, social networks constantly, downloads massive files, uploads to torrents, plays bandwidth heavy games and much more. Your very life, it seems, has gone online but is your router keeping up?

Look for a router that can handle an array of connected devices simultaneously. Just because a laptop isn’t plugged in by a cable into the router itself does not mean that it isn’t connected – the majority of devices, from phones to tablets to games consoles, now operate wirelessly over Wifi but they each need their own place within the router to function.

And because many of us handle bank details and personal files while online, it’s of paramount importance that the router you choose has top level security encryption as standard. Beware that intruders target easily hackable networks to piggyback off your connection for free or compromise your files.

Another key factor is the range and strength of signal that the router can handle. How effectively can it transmit through walls to upstairs? Can it reach your tablet in the garden while you’re on Skype? Are you aware of the wifi dead spots in your home?

More often than not, you’ll be supplied a router from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) but as time goes on you’ll want to assess its worthiness in your home. It’s always possible to upgrade. Also, if you are experiencing blackspots, why not look into a wifi signal booster?

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