TalkTalk Huawei HG533 Router Setup Guide

The good thing about Huawei HG533 Router is that users do not need to go through the eye of a needle to have the router up and running in no time. Yes, their technicians are always willing to give a hand when it comes to setting things up. However, for people who would like to do things on their own, the procedure can be easily accomplished. All it takes is knowing the different parts and cables which are involved and following the right procedure.

Huawei HG533 Router: Set-Up Components

Before focusing on the technical aspects, it is important to identify the different components and parts first. Here are the ones which should be ready to be able to establish the connection for Huawei HG533 Router:

•    Master phone socket—This is connected to the wall and looks like a small box
•    Micro filter—This comes with the router and it is also a box-like unit with enclosure
•    Ethernet cable—This cable is color yellow
•    ADSL cable—This cable is color gray
•    Router—This is the main Huawei HG533 Router unit
•    Power plug—Provides electricity for the router and can be connected to typical power socket inside the house

Huawei HG533 Router: Step by Step Procedure for Cable Connection

Before being able to set up the specific technical aspects for the router, all cords and connections need to be plugged properly first.

•    Establish a connection between the master phone socket and the micro filter. One side of the micro filter has one port while the other has two. The connection should be on the side where there is only one port.

•    Connect the landline phone to the micro filter. The phone port is on the side of the micro filter where there are two available ports.

•    Get a hold of the ADSL cable and connect the router to the remaining port in the micro filter

•    The laptop should be connected to the router too using the Ethernet cable

•    Plug the power cord and switch the router on. The lights of the router will go blinking for a few minutes but this will become steady too.

•    Use the CD which comes with the router and type in the web browser to be able to accomplish the automated window which will pop up.

Huawei HG533 Router: Step by Step Procedure for Wireless Connection

Once the cable connection for Huawei HG533 Router is set-up, the wireless connectivity can be easily activated.

•    Open the web interface

•    Click the Wireless option

•    Indicate the username and password

•    Specify the wireless channel and wireless mode

•    Indicate the preferred wireless security which could be WPA/WPA2 mixed mode, WPA2 mode only or WA mode only

•    Click the Save button to be able to activate the settings

For initial set-up of both cable and wireless connection for Huawei HG533 Router, get the details from the customer assistant of the company or check the sticker which comes with the new router. If the password has been changed, take note of it too because this will be used for new devices or computers which will utilize the network for accessing the internet.

One thought on “TalkTalk Huawei HG533 Router Setup Guide

  1. I have been using a Linskys router for my 2 laptops. My ISP is TalkTalk and they sent me a 533 on the basis it would be better for including a tablet using Android 4.0.4 sandwich that I have just bought. I cannot get a connection for the Android. I can get a connection on my laptop that uses Windows 7, but no connection for my laptop using XP. The idea that using a 533 router will make for easy use is therefore, in my experience, nonsense. I have reverted back to using my Linskys and what a relief to get connected again,.

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