TalkTalk Huawei HG533 Router Review

TalkTalk has recently unveiled its new wireless router, the Huawei HG533. This will be provided for free to all subscribers of TalkTalk’s Plus package. The newest router was revealed upon the publication of the trial that TalkTalk had conducted on it recently.

The router is deemed as one of the more polished creations by Huawei. It is specifically designed to support high-speed Fibre Optic (FTTC) broadband services, which is why TalkTalk chose it for its best broadband offer and for future broadband services. And since it is set to be the first to test the new TV service from TalkTalk, the industry has high expectations for the HG533. So how exactly does it fair?

TalkTalk Huawei HG533 YouView Router Review

TalkTalk Huawei HG533 FTTC Fibre Router

Huawei HG533: Router Design

The Huawei HG533 looks very different from past routers from Huawei or from any other brand. The new design makes it look a bit like a black iPod speaker dock. The design was said to have come from trials done on the HG532, its predecessor, and the DSL-2780 from D-Link. As far as aesthetics go, therefore, the router is a breath of fresh air and will surely give customers a pleasant surprise.

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Huawei HG533: Router Performance

The Huawei HG533 is a 4-port Full N wireless, which means it is built to maximize the power of the wireless-N networking standard. This means it has a long guard interval by default, which has up to a maximum of 270 Mbps. However, it can be configured to short guard interval, which will give it a maximum of 300 Mbps. The router also has UPnP turned on by default, as well as the auto wireless channel selection.

TalkTalk Huawei HG533 Router Setup

TalkTalk Huawei HG533 Router Setup

Given all these specifications, the TalkTalk Huawei HG533 was able to provide a better performance on the whole compared to the standard TalkTalk router. Its overall performance can be summarized as follows:

TalkTalk Down Sync Rate = 12355Kbps (Compared to the 12345Kbps for the previous TalkTalk routers, this means that the Huawei HG533 is 10Kbps better than standard routers.)

Internet Booster

Internet Booster from - Increase WiFi Speeds

Huawei HG533 Router: Core Features

The Plus package, which is the highest Internet broadband package by TalkTalk, includes support for TalkTalkTV, a YouView IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) based service. This means that the Huawei HG533, to have been chosen to carry TalkTalk’s Plus package, is already equipped to support YouView. This is considered to be one of its strongest points, aside from its Fibre Optic (FTTC) support.

Huawei HG533 Router: Other Features

Aside from its core functionalities, the HG533 also comes with additional features, such as SMB server, USB 2.0 port for storage and for printing purposes, and a dedicated Fibre port, which you can use when you want to achieve the Fibre Optic (FTTP, FTTC) speeds of 40Mb or 80Mb.

Additionally, it also has a unique auto sensing logic to identify the type of connection the user is using. This means that you do not need to make manual adjustments so if you are a non-technical user this is a great plus point.

Despite all of these, the Huawei HG533 has also been designed to operate on a minimal supply of power. Thus, it can also help consumers save on electricity costs and also save the environment in one go. - 300Mb Wireless N Smart Router - Helps Stop Buffering - 300Mb Wireless N Smart Router - Helps Stop Buffering

Some Issues of the HG533 Router (Firmware / Bugs / WiFi Dropouts / Slow)

The trial conducted by TalkTalk did unearth some issues regarding the Huawei HG533 such as connections being dropped after 10 minutes, problems with resetting the router, slow USB speeds, IP conflicts and a constant red light on the internet LED indicator.. These issues are already known to TalkTalk and are already being resolved by a new firmware update called Huawei HG33 Firmware Update 1.13T (free download from the TalkTalk Website or Forums). By the time they are ready to ship to the masses there will be more various router firmware and software updates to fix any bugs, and if any bugs appear in the future they too can be fixed with automatic firmware updates.

TheProductSite Overall Score: 7.5 /10

If you are looking on how buy, upgrade or setup the Huawei HG533 Router then visit ( for expert friendly advice that will explain to you how to update the firmware to fix any TalkTalk router bugs.

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93 thoughts on “TalkTalk Huawei HG533 Router Review

  1. I have a HG533 router and at the moment it is playing with my head when the laptops are on it my disconnect once an hour but when the x-box once every 10-20 mins I have gone thought the settings and changed the on demand to always on which made no change what so ever, I would like to know if anyone eles has had this problum and what they did to sort it so the router stays on (connected) to the internet any help could be usefull to sort it out and the x-box / computers on line.

    • Hi John,

      I suggest you get in contact with your provider (TalkTalk) and ask them if there is any issue with your router and that you have the latest firmware installed, as this is a new router and there have been quite a few bugs which can only be fixed from a firmware update.

      I can only give you some generic advise for now, from the description it sounds as if your TalkTalk internet connection is dropping (a common problem recently for TalkTalk’s network)

      If your Internet/ADSL service is dropping then this will more than likely be either an internal wiring issue or possibly a line based issue rather than anything to do with the HG533 TalkTalk router.

      First things to check, unplug every telephony device in the house, including sky box(s) etc. Then at the BT master socket plug in one micro filter and connect your ADSL router. Try this and see if the issue persists, if not then the issue will be related to a telephony device in the house, for example a sky box interfering with the ADSL signal.

      If the problem does persist try swapping the micro filter for another one and see if this resolves the problem. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, then when the connection has dropped look at the Internet/ADSL light on the router, if these are going red then the ADSL/Internet connection is dropping and this will need to be logged to TalkTalk as a fault. TalkTalk will run line tests on the line based on an intermittent failure, and it may be necessary to get a BT Openreach engineer, or even a BT Openreach SFI engineer to investigate a line based issue.

      If the ADSL/Internet connection is not dropping then it could be a wireless fault, you will need to check for devices that interfere with the 2.4GHz wireless signal, such a baby monitors, cordless phones, smartphones etc.



  2. I have just ordered the TalkTalk Plus broadband service, I have recieved my new router and am looking forward to it all starting but I have one small worry. My current netgear router very simply lets me network my 3 computers in a way that they can all send and recieve files from each other and talk directly to the storage device attached to the router and also my wireless printer. Looking at the information I got with my new router – it doesn’t say how to recreate my network with the new one. Is it possible? I asked when I was ordering the system and its one of the reasons I agreed to the upgrade.

    • Hi Tom,

      I suggest you contact TalkTalk and ask them how to create a home network using their new router, the netgear routers are very good for home networking due to an excellent easy-to-use setup guide. I am unsure what new router you have, do you know the name of it?


    • Your Router simply acts as an interlink connection between your pc’s. Think of it like the hub on a spoked wheel.
      One of its ‘spokes’ is a connection to the internet, the other spokes go to your computers.
      The only thing that would have any real bearing on your home network is the IP range and having just recevied my Huawai 533 I can confirm that its set by default to the same IP range that the Netgear routers are by default. so its should be as simple as plugging your cables back in and re-connecting your wifi’s and you’ll be back up and sharing files.
      Or to put it another way, if your sharing is set up and working now, once all the computers can access the internet then your sharing will be working too.

  3. I have got my new router hg533 and it is working well, but I wish to know if the internet light turns to red on standby.(Normally static green). If I turn my i pad or the computer off then that is what happens. Regards Larry Wilby

    • Hi Larry,

      This is a good idea, as my router has fancy blue lights that light / turn my room into a nightclub at night. I am pretty sure there is no “standby” on routers (yet), maybe if somebody reads this they could come up with a method of doing this and savings electricity. I have do contacts in China that make routers, let me see if I can suggest this idea to them.


      • You might want to mention to your chinese friends that blue lights are bad news in any room where someone is trying to sleep (it penetrates eyelids fairly well).

        I know blue is “cool” but it’s also vastly overused, as are overbright leds. It’s not that hard to put in an ambiant light sensor and vary drive current or PWM ratios to reduce brightness in darkened rooms (circuits to do this kind of thing have been around longer than LEDs have)

  4. Hi, I’ll be really grateful if you could tell me how I can set up my Huawaei HG533 Router that it allows to connect from outside. I have installed a Kguard DVR 108 that is connected inside but is not avaialable from outside. I need some step by step instructions in order to be able to do it. I llok forward to your advice. Many Thanks.

  5. Just recently had installed the HG533 by the talktalk engineer to give us youview.
    The youview box works fine and any of my networking devices (WII, DVD, PC and other wireless things connect to it.)
    However, my Samsung series 6 internet TV can no longer connect via LAN. It did quite happily with my previous talktalk D link router, but not with this one.
    I have tried auto IP and DNS setup on the TV and manual but no success.
    Any ideas?

    • Hi James,

      Firstly check that you are getting a physical link light on the HG533 router on the LAN port that you are connecting your SMART TV to. So if you are plugging the TV into LAN2 for example check that LAN2 is lit on the router. If not you potentially have a CAT5 cable issue, or an issue with the LAN port on the TV.

      Next try connecting your PC/Laptop using a hard wired/CAT5 connection with the wireless adapter/connection disabled on your PC/Laptop and see if you can achieve connectivity via this different device. If you can then you are troubleshooting your TV, which unfortunately we have limited knowledge on and you are better referring to your manufacturer’s troubleshooting guide. If you are not achieving connectivity via an alternative device then try looking at the below.

      A bit of background information; The HG533 router will have had its firmware upgraded prior to being installed by the TalkTalk engineer to allow multicasting for the Youview box. However the default settings should all still be the same prior to any firmware upgrade, so DHCP should be enabled and the router should assign your TV an IP address if your TV is set to auto IP. It would appear that DHCP is enabled on your router as your other wireless devices are getting IP addresses as they can connect to the Internet. However it may be worthwhile just double checking that the settings are correct by following the below;

      If you log into the HG533 router by going to in a browser from either your PC/Laptop and log in using the default username/password – admin/admin and on the splash screen click the big advanced button and this will take you into the main configuration pages for the router.

      Under the Basic menu click the LAN option and in the second section “DHCP server” ensure that DHCP is enabled and there are at least 10 IP addresses available between the start IP address and the end IP address, by default this should be to You can ignore the DHCP option section. If this is the case then everything is OK setting wise. If this is not the case then amend the details and submit the changes and try the TV again. You can also check the IP Address Reserve section at the bottom of the page and just make sure that nothing appears untoward here and there are not reservations set for all your devices. (If you do have something here, please post back and we can advise further.)

      Then with the TV connected to the router look under the Status menu and then LAN and click the Ethernet tab on the top and look at the LAN-Side devices, you should see all your wireless and hard wired/CAT5 devices listed, if you can see you TV listed here then the router is doing its job and again you are looking at the TV as your issue.

      One final thing is that we have noticed with the Youview box that it always seems to get assigned the IP address of without any IP reservations being set on the router, and this goes hand in hand with some port forwarding that is also set in the router that allows the TalkTalk network to communicate with the Youview box. There is a slim chance that your TV is trying to use the IP address if it has used it before either when it has been statically set or automatically assigned.

      You can try manually configuring your TV to use the following IP details to get around this: –

      IP address –
      Subnet/Network –
      Router/Gateway –
      DNS –

      This will force your TV to use an IP address well out of the way of any automatic or previously statically assigned addresses and may help to resolve the issue if the above fails.

      Hope the above helps.


  6. Just had Fibre fitted to the house, or should I say FTTC to be precise. It lasted for about 3 hours till the WiFi dropped out. Did not even notice it to start with as if mine drops out it connects to my neighbors straight away.
    The only thing that cured it was a switch off and on again. I checked the version and its the latest 1.13t firmware so obviously they have not cured the problem.
    Am checking to see if I can use my netgear DGND3700 instead.

    Regards Cliff

    • Hi Cliff,

      This is a difficult question to troubleshoot, there are so many variables involved, did you have this problem with your old router?

      Does your connection drop when your neighbours router is switched off etc etc , basically his problem to me sounds like interference and can be difficult to troubleshoot.

      Maybe contact TalkTalk’s support team they will have probably have a solution this for common problem of their new HG533 router e.g. change router channel.

      Let me know what the solution is if you fix it !


  7. Hey there -

    I’ve been having terrible download speed and disconnect problems with an Asus/Google Nexus 7 Android tablet on a HG533 Talk Talk connection. I know the N7 has wi-fi issues (I had to return one which had a connection radius of 15 feet) but this is not the case here – the tablet works fine with other routers, and the router works fine with other wireless devices (including my ICS Android phone).

    I’ve been through all the comments and suggestions on this page, and none apply. is giving me down speeds of 6.67mbps on a wirelessly connected laptop – on my tablet, I’m getting dial-up speeds.

    Any thoughts or suggestions? I tried changing the wireless channel, but it made no difference.

    • i have had this issue with my apple products but on a differant router.

      To solve this is went into my settings and forgot the network.
      Then reconnected to the router with a fresh connection which forces the iphone get a fresh set of connection details.

      Speed test.

      Should be back up to normal.

      Hope that solves your problem

  8. I have the HG 533 on the talktalk plus package. Whether all devices are connected or just one when you stream any kind of data, whether it be Lovefilm or downloading a large ISO, the speed drops from around 8mbps to 0.2 and its getting really frustrating. someone has suggested the router doesn’t have the capacity to handle the ADSL signal and to use a netgear or linksys. I must stress I have tried with just 1 device connected at a time (cat5 ofcourse) I am at my witts end and wonder if someone else has had the same issue, Running a test shows a good speed but like I say any long duration of streaming from love film or anykind of file and it just drops to nothing.

    any help or sensible suggestion welcomed


    • Hi David,

      Sounds like traffic shaping to me. TalkTalk use a Sandvine traffic shaping device that allows the stream of data to establish and then throttles it down like they have described. It is not the HG533 as this comfortably handles FTTC connections and can easily achieve up to 80 Mbps.

      I suggest you speak to TalkTalk support and report a slow speed issue, they might try to sell you a higher package that suits your streaming needs and thus you will get priority but you will have to pay for it.


      • Hi Steven,

        Thanks for reply, been on the phone no end to TT and now wish to cancel services (like getting blood from a stone)

        I lay in bed at night to watch something on lovefilm and it cant do that. they have increased my overall speed from 7.9 meg to about 8.6 mb thats all… no matter what time of the day, I am on the highest ADSL package.

        This happens on my PC, my sony blu ray player and also samsung smart tv. but I can only see truely whats happening with the sony as it shows the connection details

        Kind regards


        • Hi David,

          Yes, it is difficult to switch ISP nowadays. There are some really suspect ways in which ISP’s re-contract you without your knowledge by offering you new deals, new hardware and simply slight changes to your services.

          I have a 60MB Virgin service and I must admit I stream everything from American TV Shows to multiple HD Streams of UK Football on any device without any buffering at all, I suggest trying to get a fibre / cable service but it all depends where you live.

          A good tip for streaming is to make sure your PC Flash Cache is emptied daily (this is not temp internet files but a separate hidden area) and your Global Flash Settings are set to maximum (google how to do) this does help a lot.

          I can see in the future that we might have to pay for this data we are streaming and thus ISP are desperate in trying to secure customers so they can maximise profit.

          Good luck !


          • FWIW I’ve had TT business sniffing around, offering “priority over domestic traffic” as an incentive. The entire package is only a couple of pounds per month more than the full-fat package so may be worth trying out, but if everyone jumps then they’re back in the same boat.

  9. Hi there – thanks for the review.

    I have an H533 router and am having some problems with it. Firstly our laptop wireless connection drops every five minutes or so. I get a “default gateway not available” message, which is fixed by rebooting the router. There is no problem with my powerline connection to the router from my desktop, nor with my iPad2 wireless, the only connection that I have an issue with is the wireless laptop.

    Is this the firmware upgrade, do you think?

    The second problem is that download speeds are a lot lower than I was expecting. I have 76MB fibre optic. My speed test shows 16MB, but when I download files I get 2MB.

    Maybe an issue with my ISP?

    I’ll try to upgrade the firmware, but any other advice gratefully received!


    • Hi Adam,

      Wireless problems are a dark art and usually come down to interference or a conflict between devices. Channel Shifting can sometimes help. You can get an application called NetStumbler that will allow you to scan the wireless signals in your area and find the quietest channels and try shifting your router to that.

      Speeds tests are not the most accurate of tools to use, especially if you are testing beyond the normal ADSL speeds and are using a FTTC Pro product. You have to remember that these providers that give you the speed test tools do so for free or just for the advertising on their websites. They are not going to pay for a 10Gb connection to their servers, but usually provide a 1Gb connection, so if every man and his dog are testing on that server it will be congested and not provide you with an accurate speed test. Try the speed test at various different times of the day and use different speed test utilities, also trying using your ISPs speed test tool and see that you are at least getting the speeds through their network. After all they cannot guarantee the speeds that you are going to get off the unregulated Internet space.

      Also make sure that you are differentiating between Mb and MB. Internet speed is measured in Mega Bits and data is measured in Mega Bytes. There are 8 bits to a byte, so if you have a 76Mb Internet connection you can in theory only download at 9.5MB per second, and again it all depends on where you are downloading from. The source of your data download may only be able to sustain a 2MB connection from their servers, although your connection is capable of doing more. The Internet is like a piece of rope – it is only as strong as the weakest point. If there is a bottle neck any where on the path between your network and where you are downloading from then this will affect your speed and is more than likely out of the control of your ISP



      • Steven – thanks very much!

        The wireless speed problem was clearly me being unable to divide by 8! Thanks for pointing that out!

        As for the wireless issue, I note the poster below me has a Toshiba laptop – that’s the same make as I have! An odd coincidence. I read somwhere else that this very modern router could have problems connecting to older wireless cards. I’ll try changing the channel as you sugguest.

        Many thanks once again. Like the site!

  10. hi i wonder f you can help me i have had the new hg33 router and tv box installed but since this was installed ive had problems connecting wireless on my toshiba laptop. the wireless works fine on all other devices and my laptop connects fine to my phones internet any ideas what could be causing this.

    • Hi Stephen,

      The You View TV Box is hard wired so this wouldn’t mess with wireless. If it is a new wireless router then it will more than likely be a configuration issue with the Toshiba laptop if other devices connect to it. Could be a simple as using the wrong WPA key (key may have changed when you got a new router) etc. If it is a general failure then you could try updating the firmware for the Huawei HG533 wireless adapter in the laptop on the Toshiba website. I would contact TalkTalk technical support and ask them to check your account and confirm password and also Wi-Fi settings on your router and notebook etc…



  11. I have just upgraded to talktalk fibre optic so have a HG533 router. I have plugged my mass storage device into the LAN1 connection ( the same as I did on my old router)but it is not showing on my PC or TV. Any advice on how to solve this issue.

    • Hi Norman,

      It sounds as if this could be an IP address issue with the mass storage device.

      If you log into the TalkTalk Huawei HG533 router by going to in a browser from either your PC/Laptop and log in using the default username/password – admin/admin and on the splash screen click the big advanced button and this will take you into the main configuration pages for the router.

      Look under the Status menu and then LAN and click the Ethernet tab on the top and look at the LAN-Side devices, you should see all your connected devices listed, if you can’t see your mass storage device then it could be that the IP address of the storage device was initially manually set and now it is not working with the IP configuration of your new router. If you can see it then it should just be a case of navigating to the new IP address that is listed for the mass storage device – it maybe that you have an old short-cut that points to a different/old IP address that was set under your old router?

      Failing this it may be worthwhile re-setting your mass storage device back to factory defaults and going through the networking setup again to get it to work with your new router. Resetting to factory defaults will only clear the settings on your mass storage device and will not affect the data that you have, but it is best to refer to the manual to double check the process before carrying this out. It may also be worthwhile to see if you can amend/check the network configuration details on the device just to check if there be a conflict.

      What type of TV do you have e.g. Smart TV, as if the mass storage device is DLNA compliant then it will be should be auto detected by Windows, Smart TV’s etc. try clearing the settings on the TV and re-detecting the device.



      • Thanks for that Steven. I am still having issues. When I map my net work it shows my pc connected through the router to the internet. A line runs down from the router to a switch ( when I click on switch nothing happens) then from switch to storage device and when I click on this again nothing happens.
        Again any advice would be appreciated.


    • Hi John,

      From looking at the specification sheet for the Huawei HG533 router it seems the LAN ports are only 100MB and not 1000MB (Gigabit LAN) which is a shame as you cant take full advantage of your NAS box.


      • Thanks for checking, Steven.
        Apparently my mechanical hard drives won’t max out the 100MB, anyway, so I’ve just been told, but SSDs are too expensive.
        Oh well. back to the drawing board!
        Thanks again,

        • Just letting you know mechanical drives have the potential to max out a 100mb line easy. I get network transfer speeds from my gigabit server of around 70MB/s (560mb/s) and the drives in there are mechanical.

        • Buy a Gigbit hub to connect your internal devices to then connect the hub to the router then you will get the best out of your Nas for your local devices.

  12. i can use my laptop fine with the huawei hg533 wired and wireless but when i go on xbox it disconnects from xbox live. can any1 help?

  13. Hello i have just had TalkTalk 40MB optic fitted 2 days ago & it has just cut out on me wilst playing Day Z! & i have had a few problems streming iplayer & youtube stuff too but refreshing the page sorts this out !
    I think this router is ok for medium data traffic use but i just dont feel it is up to the high traffic gaming & downloading that i do every day :-( i will give it another week or two & if it cuts out again i gess i will just have to pay the £100+ for a cisco gigabit fiber router !

    Also to every one saying thay have drop out & low bandwidth problems with the HG533 when i do a speedtest with it will go up to about 23/24mb & drop down abit to about 20/21mb & finnish the test hovering aroud 23/23.5mb down & always 1.86mb up – but the BT engineer that came to fit it (yes thats right i said BT engineer fitting my TalkTalk fiber lol? ) said online speedtest’s dont give a true reading & showed me the little box he pluged in to the wall to test it & that was showing i am getting the full 40mb down & 2mb up!
    I dont use the wireless so i cant comment on that side of things

    Hope this info help people having problems with the HG533 ;-)

  14. Hi I have just had my new Huawei router supplied as part of my upgrade to Fibre – Happy as i now have connection that I can stream (from 0.8 – 1.2mb/s to 40mb/s)
    However, I am trying to connect my mass storage device to my router which was very simple for my netgear router, however, I am unable to connect. the FAQs on the Talktalk website talk about connecting to the SAMBA server, I have followed these instructions and still unable to connect.
    AmI trying the impossible or have I missed something.

    Any help would be appreciated!

    • Hi Daniel,

      The older Hauwei version of the router that we have does not have the mass storage device capabilities. But the Huawei website says the below.

      Where it talks about samba it is talking about the file sharing service on the router, the router’s operating system is Linux based and therefore uses samba share to access the files on the mass storage device.

      5.2 Using the Home Storage Function
      After a portable storage device is connected to the USB port on the rear panel of the HG533, you can configure the HG533 through the samba service to access the portable storage device. You can also play media files with the media player using the DLNA function.
      5.2.1 Reading and Writing Files on the Portable Storage Device
      To read and write files on a storage device and access the removable storage device through the HG533 (using usb1 as the name for the storage device as an example), do as follows:
      Step 1 Set the user name and password of the portable storage device.
      1. Log in to the web-based configuration utility.
      2. Choose Advanced > USB Port > Samba.
      3. Select the Enable Samba check box.
      4. Click New.
      5. Select the portable storage device (usb1) from the Device drop-down combo box.
      6. Set the user name and the password of the portable storage device in the User name and Password text boxes.and then enter the password again in the Confirm password text box to confirm the password.
      By default, both the user name and password for logging in to the samba server are samba. If the user name and password has been changed, use the correct user name and password for logging in to the samba server.
      7. Select an option from the Right drop-down combo box.
      Step 2 Access the portable storage device.
      1. Choose Start > Run on your computer to display the Run dialog box.
      2. Enter \\\usb1 in the Open text box and click OK to display Connecting to dialog box.
      3. Enter the user name and the password that you set for logging in to the samba server and then click Login.
      After the password is verified, you can access samba server window and the contents on the portable storage device that is connected to the HG533.
      5.2.2 Playing Media Files on a Portable Storage Device
      You can play media files on a portable storage device using the DLNA function of the HG533.
      To play media files on the portable storage device with Windows Media Player, do as follows:
      Step 1 Enable the DLNA function.
      1. Log in to the web-based configuration utility.
      2. Choose Advanced > DLNA.
      3. On the DLNA page, select the Enable check box to enable the Status.
      4. Select the Use Root Path check box to use root path of the usb device from the Share directory.
      You can also specify a customer path as the DLNA directory by not selecting the check box of Use Root Path. In which case, you should select a usb device path and input the path in the Share directory.
      5. Click Submit to saving the settings.
      Step 2 Access your portable storage device using Windows Media Player.
      1. Choose File > Open on Windows Media Player on your computer.
      2. In the displayed window, enter \\\usb1 in the File Name text box.
      3. In the Connecting to window, enter the user name and password that you set on the Samba page.
      4. Click Login.

      Let me know if this helps.



  15. Can you please recommend a good ‘signal extender’ for this specific router? It’s range doesn’t cover the last quarter of my home.


  16. Can anyone shed some light on setting up a static ip address in this router, I have a WIFI IP camera which I had working on my netgear router, am now trying to on this one but the menu’s are very different,

    I have a dns set up and have entered this into the port forwarding but the routing table I am stuck on, I have cut and pasted below….

    Destination Network Address Default Gateway Subnet Mask Source IP address Source subnet mask MTU Metric Interface Status Remove

    Destination network address:
    Subnet mask:
    Default gateway:
    Source IP address:
    Source subnet mask:
    Interface: nas0ttyUSB0 LAN/br0


    not sure what values to put where , talk talk support had no clue and the manual is rubbish

    Any help would be appreciated


    • Hi Jason,

      Ensure that the IP camera is connected to the TalkTalk Huawei HG533 router wirelessly. If you don’t know how to do this then follow the below steps to check:

      Open up your browser and type and log in to your router, default username and password it admin

      Click on Status > LAN > Ethernet
      Find the IP address and the MAC address for the IP camera and note this down.

      If your IP camera is connected to the router you will see it in this list, if it is not connected then you need to resolve this issue first before continuing.

      Click on Basic > LAN

      At the bottom of the window on the IP Address Reserve section click on the new button.
      Type in the MAC address and the IP address of the IP camera that you got in the previous steps.

      Click Submit

      Click on Advanced > NAT and Port Mapping Tab and click on the new button and complete the following details: -

      Type – Customization
      Interface – nas0_2
      Protocol – TCP
      External port – 80
      Internal port – 80
      internal host – 192.168.1.x (The IP address of the camera that you assigned in the previous section)
      Remote Host – Blank
      Mapping Name – IP Camera

      The above is using port 80 for your IP camera as IP cameras usually run as a web service, if your IP camera uses a different port number then use this in the above sections instead.

      Click on Submit, and if you used port 80 then you will then get an alert advising: –

      This port mapping will modify the web server port number 80, if you want to access the web server of the gateway, make sure using the temporary port number 8080, are you sure you want to add this policy?

      Click on OK

      FYI – If you don’t use port 80 as above then you may not get this alert. All this is saying is that if you access your router from the Internet to try and administer it then you have to use port 8080, but as default external access to administer your router is disabled as default so you will not encounter any issues with.

      Once you have the completed the above steps you router will forward any requests from the Internet for web/port 80 to your IP camera.



  17. just started using the huawei hg523a and i have a problem with the internet light flashing even when the computer is completely off at the mains. i have switched off the wylan and the wps so there can be no external connection, wondered why this is happening

    • Hi Nick,

      Even with no LAN/Wireless connection on the router there will still be packets/traffic that route back and forth to your WAN/Internet interface on the router that will cause the activity light to flash.

      If you have no devices connected to the router during the night then I would suggest that they turn the router off to stop any lights flashing. Either that or some good quality black insulation tape over the lights should just do fine (dont block any air vents though).


  18. We had fibre optic installed yesterday with the HG533 router and its working great apart from my Vista laptop won’t connect to the internet. Its showing the connection but is not connected to the internet. Any ideas how to fix this? Many Thanks

    • Hi Hayley,

      This is difficult to fix using comments in a forum, but does it work when you plug the laptop into the router using an Ethernet cable, if so then it is a wireless configuration/issue on the Vista laptop, if it doesn’t work with wireless or the Ethernet cable then the laptop needs looking at e.g. Updated Vista drivers for HG533 router / wireless adapter . I suggest contacting your ISP (e.g. TalkTalk) and ask them to help you.


  19. I am due to have talk talk plus tv fitted soon, but have a concern that the huawei hg533 route may not work on my new samsung smart tv. can you please advise, is this router capable on being used on a smart tv, by wifi, as well as the youview service, which i understand is by cable. I have contacted talk talk ad asked if the router is daul band, but they have absolutely no idea, hene why im seekng advise.

    • Hi Graham,

      The TalkTalk TV service utilises the Youview box which receives its TV transmission primarily through your digital aerial. The on-demand, Sky Channels and Pay Per View are received over the Internet using unicasting or multicasting via your Internet connection through the Huawei HG533 router. The Huawei HG533 router is optimised and configured to allow this multicasting to work hence the reason it is installed in parallel with your TV service. There is no installation of a new cable etc as you would find with Virgin for example. All services are run over your digital area and your Internet connection.

      Therefore any wireless or cabled device connected to the LAN side of your router will continue to operate as normal including your SMART TV.


  20. I have one of these, but cannot see a way I can use this in wireless bridge mode. i have another router which is serving 4 devices in ethernet port and currently have this connected to my main router, which I want to decommision. Can I use this as my main router with the secondary wireless routing connecting to?

    • Hi Neil,

      The Huawei HG533 router does not support WDS / Wireless Bridge Mode.

      Yes you could use the Huawei HG533 as the main router and then connect the other router’s LAN ports to one of the LAN ports on the Huawei HG533. As above though you cannot wirelessly bridge the two devices together this would have to be using an Ethernet cable and you would have to make considerations on the IP address assignment on the devices and which device would issue DHCP.



  21. ADSL Light Flashing. I have an HG533 Router. The ADSL light keeps flashing and I have poor download speeds. There is no cable into the ADSL socket (the BT Engineer told me I didnt need one) but there is a cable into the Fibre port. Any ideas please?

    • if you look on your modem(open reach?)you will notice that the adsl line goes into that,the reason your adsl light flashes is because there is no wire going into it.hope this helps

  22. Just had TalkTalk install the Huawei HG533 router previously had a netgear one which communicated great with all my wireless devices – with the new Huawei HG533 I’m struggling to get my wireless printer HP Officeject 6500A Plus to work properly – it prints but takes an age (3 minutes for a sheet of text). Any ideas would be appreciated?

    • Hi

      with mu Officejet J6410 – I had to go into the Configure Network Device again – from the normal HP menu – I had to connect to it by USB Cable to do this – afterwards it worked ok – just make sure on Printer Properties – that the Sharing option is blank – sounds mad but you want it shared thru the router not you laptop

      seems theres more to it than just the WPA Key when changing the router

  23. hi just got new fibre broadband and router from talk talk laptop works fine with it ipad and iphne lose there location services when connected with this new router worked fine with my one before anyone got any advise. I called talk talk they were no help

  24. I have a HG355. It used to connect to my Iphone 4 perfectly but all of a sudden, it dropped connection and now wont allow me to onnect to it. It picks up the wireless but as soon as you go to put in the password, it keeps saying unable to connect. This seems to be something with the router as the phone works perfectly fine using wifi at work and other hotspots. My laptop and Mac have connected to the internet fine, its just any mobile phone that I use to connect to internet, it picks u the wireless but wont let it connect. Dont know if its some settings I need to enable??? Iv tried revooting the router, reset the phone, set the channel onto the highest rather than auto, nothing seems to work as yet. Any ideas would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

  25. Just signed up with Talktalk and got this router. Can’t connect my Acer netbook up. The router connects wirelessly and a great signal but I can’t view anything on the internet. NOT a happy customer.
    Please help. I’ve tried every fix I can find online and none work.
    I know it’s pretty and glossy but right about now after 4 hours of messing around it’s liable to head out of the window anytime soon.
    Suggestions, please ?

  26. It’s OK…found the fix on an HP website help page.
    All it is to fix it if anyone else is having the same issue is go to Network/Network connections/Properties/scroll to Internet Protocol and highlight/click properties and then tick on both IP and DNS to obtain an address automatically.
    You can have this for free-it’s cost me almost 5 hours.

  27. I am trying to use this new router as a secondary by linking it to my netgear router, but when I do i am unable to access the netgear router, and it just cuts off my interent, where am i going wrong.

  28. I had the talktalk HG533 router installed by engineer as part of TV package last week, replacing my previous linksys router. TV and wifi all working with iMac, windows and iPads except two problems;
    1. My Iomega storcentre NAS won’t work (connected by Ethernet to router. I think this is an issue with port forwarding, but after several hours on phone to talktalk technical team have been told that they don’t support Iomega devices. Contacted Huawei but they refused to advise because device supplied by talktalk.
    2. I’m unable to print wirelessly from I mac and iPads. My printer is an HP5220 and worked fine with linksys router and with windows wireless printing. I’ve read elsewhere that HG533 doesn’t support bonjour, but not been able to check this with talktalk yet.
    I can accept that there may be issues with the Iomega, and I can work around, but the not printing from mac is unacceptable.
    Anyone out there with experience and advice with either issue?

  29. I have got the new router and plugged it in. It all worked fine for 15mins, my ipad picked up connection wirelessly and I was online. Now it cannot find the network whilst picking up other wifi networks. Just has a sold red light for power and Internet. Randomly then will flash green for wps and USB then back again. I have turned on and off, checked connections of cable but nothing is changing. Talk talk said their systems are down to be able to look into it but has been happening all day, please help!

      • Hi,
        I had a similar problem and talktalk tried to convince me it was micro filters the router, basically everything apart from their issue. Anyway as I remember, my “profile” had been set incorrectly so the line kept dropping, the engineer (yes I had an engineer round which was the only way TT would accept it was their issue) would reset the profile, it would ok for a while and then drop again. In the end it had to go to the 3rd line, turns out the default profile had to be set and then some auto configuring software turned off, thats all I can remember i’m afraid. Chris

        • have had similar experience with talktalk its everyones problem but theirs. they told me to contact manufacturer of router ! i mean, when you sign up with a provider shouldn’t they provide ?

  30. I have just received the new Huawei HG533 router from Talk Talk. CAn anyone advise what the USB port on this can be used for ? eg can I plug my external hard drive intop this and have it available to all pc’s on my network ?

  31. I have a Talk Talk Huawei HG533 but cant get the internet to connect through it, the power and wlan lights ate green and solid, the adsl, internet and fibre lights are all flashing green, it is a communal broadband connected which I am told is fibre, I can connect when connecting this wire direct into my computer and the compter connects wirelessly to the router. Does anyone have any suggestions


  32. I have got the new router and plugged it in. It all worked fine for 15mins, my ipad picked up connection wirelessly and I was online. Now it cannot find the network whilst picking up other wifi networks. Just has a sold red light for power and Internet. Randomly then will flash green for wps and USB then back again. I have turned on and off, checked connections of cable but nothing is changing. Talk talk said their systems are down to be able to look into it but has been happening all day, please help!

  33. Hello i have a problem when i try to get onto the router from the gateway ip address it douse not come up please help

  34. I have this router. A wired connection gives speeds of 61meg but wireless connections are down to 16meg. Does this router throttle bandwidth on wireless?

  35. cant play games on line. have spoken to playstation who say the problem is not at their end. we got broadband specificly to play on line. having spent hours talking to talktalk , they say the problem lies with the router and i should talk to huawei !i think talktalk ,by not providing service service we pay for are in breach of contract ???can you help ??

  36. can anyone tell me why we cant play games on line ? the message says “you are signed out of playstation network “playstation say it is not their doing. have tried conecting with ethernet cable to no avail. the message says ‘ sign in’ when we do we get same message you are signed out of playstation network .talktalk say if i want ports opened i must talk to huawei !i if i had thought trying to play games on line was going to be such a headache i wouldn’t have bothered .will be trying to cut ties with talktalk if they wont resolve this problem,after all , i am paying for a service i am not getting.

  37. Why do I have two device web pages on my HG533 router when I right click on the map. I disconnected one and now there is a an “enable” on one of the HG533 devices? Please advise.

  38. I cannot access my HG533 router homepage ( internet working fine though) but whenever I go to it just hangs. I used to be able to do this without problem. Tried turning it on and off – managed to get to the login page but no further. Any thoughts?

    I altered the firewall settings to see if this was what was blocking my NAS and want to change things back

    Thanks for any advice – what to do next?

  39. I recently received my Huawei HG533 There was supposed a set up CD. none arrived! There was no instruction leaflets with ,I can’t find any.Is it possible you could send them to me?
    S Metcalf
    10 Haweswater Grove
    L31 9BE
    Thank you.

  40. I have this router. A wired connection gives speeds of 61meg but wireless connections are down to 16meg. some times for small business, i choose another routers such as Huawei Router AR1200, ..from

  41. I see it has a USB, if I wanted to attach an External HDD for backups, storage etc. how would I go about doing that?

  42. I have this router as we have been sent another one due to the other one being faulty. the downstairs computer can connect without a problem, my sisters laptop which is upstairs can connect fine, but in my room upstairs I cant connect at all, that’s including my xbox aswell. I don’t know if it is the wifi dongle which came with my computer or if it is just my room, please can anyone help thanks

  43. Hi, I have just signed up to Talk Talk fibre broadband and have been give the Huawei 533 router. All is well with my various devices except the sony bravia smart tv which refuses to see the router. It hard wires to it OK and has worked previously with a normal broadband router and an older Netgear router. Sometimes it will connent to it via a netgear wireless extender but this drops constantly. Talk Talk have only suggested changing to channel 11 on the router (doesn`t work) but wont give any further help because I do not have their TV package.

    Many thanks in advance if you can throw any light on this problem, Adrian.

  44. Trying to connect wirelessly to my tablet – it wont work?! How do i do this? just says obtaining ip address but does nothing.

  45. My TalkTalk new router arrived today [HUAWEI HG533] but even though it connected wirelessly to the Lenovo laptop after connecting it all up correctly I could not connect it to our MAC Mini PC via the wireless. So I have had to connect it all back up to the original DSL 2780 router – this works for the Mac Mini wirelessly but not the Lenovo which is connected with an ethernet cable.
    I don’t know if the ‘techie side is your area of expertise but please can you advise how I can resolve this problem (is there another TT router model i could try?) or should I just send the new router back?

    Many thanks

  46. Just installed my TalkTalk Huawei HG533. Why does it say not to turn it off as it may take up to 3 weeks to get up to full speed again? Also having trouble with signal/connection strength in some parts of the house.

    Finally, we have also read about the negative impact of wifi electromagnetic waves, especially children.

    Any thoughts?

  47. can any one tell me , how could I see the list of attached (wireless) devices ? and How could I restrict any of the device (specially for children at home). thanks.

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