TalkTalk D-Link DSL-2780 Router Review

It is true that great things come in small packages. The TalkTalk D-Link DSL-2780 Router is a proof of this because the router may seem like a small and charming router but its performance is also very impressive.

D-Link has always been known for creating the most reliable and most durable routers which truly deliver fast connection. The DSL-2780 Router is another masterpiece which never fails to impress customers of TalkTalk. Since the company packages this router with the broadband offers, they easily win the hearts of their customers. Subscribers are satisfied not just with the internet connection that TalkTalk provides but also with the commendable functions of the D-Link DSL-2780 Router.

D-Link DSL-2780: Router Appearance and Design

The D-Link DSL-2780 Router has a charm that other routers do not possess. This comes in a small casing and glossy white finish. It is only 220mm x 155 mm x 55 mm. Yes, one apprehension of most users about this router is that it will easily accumulate dirt and dust because of the white color but that is a very minimal concern. After all, routers do not have to be constantly carried and transported. Plus, this would not change the fact that the router delivers outstanding performance.

Unlike other routers which stand vertically, the D-Link DSL-2780 Router is stable and would not easily topple down. A good addition to this router is that the indicator lights are placed on the upper portion of the front panel. Aside from adding a charming look, it is also easy to see which functions are active.

This router looks quite different from the other routers from D-Link because it has a simplistic and not too fancy appeal. However, one thing that is for sure is that it possesses the same quality that D-Link provides in every single router that they make.

D-Link DSL-2780: Router Functionality and Performance

The main reason why D-Link DSL-2780 Router can easily win the hearts of TalkTalk customers is because this has wireless-N compatibility. Because of that, the router can provide the speed and connection stability that the latest computers and gadgets demand these days. There is no doubt that the services provided by TalkTalk is also great even for more complex online tasks like music and video streaming, online gaming, voice calls, video chatting and downloading large files. All thanks to the wireless-N compatibility of this router, doing these online tasks would not be a problem.

The D-Link DSL-2780 Router is great for home use or small offices. It delivers stable connection but since it is incapable of prioritizing the traffic for broadband usage, using multiple computers and gadgets can congest the signal. The important thing is that, so long as there is a limited number of computers and devices that connect to it, like in home and small office, then there is no problem about lag, weak connection or interrupted signal.

The D-Link DSL-2780 Router also functions on 2.4 GHz which is actually better than 5 GHz when it comes to data transfer speed. The only reason why some people opt for dual band routers is because of other interferences within their environment like cordless phones and intercom. Without these, it is still ideal to use the lower bandwidth because it distributes signal more efficiently.

Customers of TalkTalk do not even have to worry if they are using computers and devices which work with various operating systems. Whether it is on MAC or Windows, this router would still give the same excellent performance and there is no need to switch to another one.

The router has four Ethernet ports. This means that it can be used to the fullest by connecting up to four computers for cabled connection. The Ethernet speed reaches up to 10/100 mbps so for more complex online tasks, it is recommended to utilize the cable connection. As an added bonus, it is also geared with a USB port where a network hard drive or printer can be attached.

D-Link DSL-2780: How to Connect / Set-up

Since TalkTalk includes this router with their broadband packages, they also provide assistance with the set-up procedure. The good thing is that this router does not involve rocket science just to enable both the cable and wireless connections.

Like any other router, the set-up should start with the wired connection. Both the Ethernet cable and ADSL cable have to be properly plugged from the router to the computer and the microfilter. Once everything is connected, especially to the master phone socket, then the router can be powered on. It is important to wait for the ADSL light to stabilize before proceeding with the process.

TalkTalk should provide the default broadband username and password which will be used for the web based configuration. After the default username and password have been typed in the window, the Quick Start window would appear. All that is left to do is to follow the step by step procedure for setting up the wired connection.

To activate the Wi-Fi connection, the initial cable network has to be established too. It is all a matter of using provided wireless network name and password. Then, users will be asked to choose the operating system of the computer which will be utilized for setting up the Wi-Fi.

The initial set-up requires the default username and password for both the cable and wireless connection. Of course, it is important to alter the settings depending on the preferences of the user. Save the changes too.

Once the connections have been established, the connection speed can be tested through TalkTalk’s website. This will also enable the customers to see whether the connection is properly activated.

D-Link DSL-2780 Final Verdict

For internet users who are not too concerned about having a fancy-looking router, the D-Link DSL-2780 is perfect. People who signed up for TalkTalk broadband packages find this router to be amazing because they are able to enjoy the right connection speed from their provider.

It provides plenty of opportunities to utilize the cable connection with the available Ethernet ports. Plus, even if these ports are all used, the wireless signal remains stable and strong. All in all, this is a good router which is really ideal for TalkTalk’s broadband packages.

TheProductSite Overall Router Score: 7 /10

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6 thoughts on “TalkTalk D-Link DSL-2780 Router Review

  1. No set up, it just plugs in and works. Great! The wifi seems faster than my Netgear DGN2000! However, when Laptops or iPads or iPhones go to sleep the connection to the router takes time to re-establish, that never happened with the Netgear, it was aways instantly connected.

    • I have had the same issue and it can be a bit frustrating, also my xbox doesnt always connect first time! Is there anything you can change in the settings to avoid that?

  2. i want to know how to make configuration for the router with USB Modem
    and this router support USB modem

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