What is the Best 802.11ac Router Available?

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802.11ac is certainly creating a buzz in the network world and those who have heard about the amazing wireless speed that this new protocol can provide are already looking for routers that are 802.11ac enabled. This is partly because some hardware manufacturers are already claiming that they will soon be coming out with 802.11ac devices.

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All You Need to Know About the 802.11ac Protocol

802.11ac is the next biggest thing to happen in the wireless connectivity world. This protocol promises speeds that triple the latest protocol 802.11n. 1.3Gbps is amazing; in fact it’s too amazing. The word is that 802.11ac protocol will be released mid 2013, but the world is already anxious to see how things will really work out.

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Top 5 Benefits of 802.11ac Wireless Protocol for 2012

Wireless connectivity has taken a leap forward with the new 802.11ac protocol. Wireless connection speeds will increase to unimaginable speeds and network interference will decrease. The end result will be a faster and more stable wireless home network.

However, just to make it clear, the 802.11ac protocol has not yet been finalized. It is still in the draft stages and won’t be finalized until mid next year or even later.

Based on what we can gather about this new protocol, we can come up with the top benefits for this year. As the protocol develops along the way, the benefits may increase, but for now here are the top 5 benefits of the 802.11ac protocol.

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What is 802.11ac and How Will It Benefit Me?

If you haven’t already heard about 802.11ac then you will most likely hear about it before this year is over. This is because a whole lot of wireless device manufacturers will be boasting that their devices are 802.11ac enabled. Okay… so what? What is 802.11ac anyway?

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What Router is the Best for Bit Torrent?

The primary concern when it comes to using Bit Torrent is the downloading speed, right? Of course, you wouldn’t want to stay up late just because your download is not done yet. Leaving your computer on because downloading takes hours can be so wasteful too. Are you looking for ways on how to eliminate these problems? Continue reading

What Router Does BT Infinity Use?

BT Infinity is known to be the most reliable internet service in the UK. BT Infinity is a superfast internet service and can provide download speeds of up to 100Mb. However, not all homes will be able to receive these speeds. You will need to inquire at the BT Infinity website if these speeds are available in your area.

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What Router Does Virgin Media Broadband Use?

Virgin Media is known to provide the fastest broadband services in the United Kingdom. They have broadband packages with speeds up to 30Mb, 60Mb and even 100Mb. The reason why Virgin Media is capable of providing these speeds to a wide customer base is because of their network of fibre optic cables. Continue reading

What WiFi Router is the Best for iPhone 4?

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According to Apple, the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S is already equipped to support 802.11n wireless connections. It is also compatible with 802.11b and 802.11g, previous wireless standards. However, it also says that when you use 802.11n, you can only access the 2.4GHz frequency. This tells us a lot about what kind of router is best to use with an Apple iPhone 4 or 4S. Continue reading

What Router is Best N or G?

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The best routers these days are those that connect via the 802.11g and 802.11n standards. These are also known as the N series router or G series routers. It’s no secret that these two are better than the 802.11b and 802.11a routers used in the past, but most users don’t know the difference between these two and which one to choose. Here are the most important things you should know about them. Continue reading

What Router does Sky Use?

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Sky Broadband uses its own wireless router and includes this in its broadband packages. New Sky Broadband subscribers use the Sky wireless N router, the latest in their range of routers. Now operating on the wireless N technology, the Sky wireless N router is able to achieve a more reliable signal and to provide a greater range of broadband connectivity through your home or office. Continue reading