What is a Router Used For?

Router may seem like a very compact and simple box-like device but it is amazing how this acts as a gateway for data signal when establishing connections for computers and gadgets.

Typical routers involve the use of cable running from the router to the computer to provide internet access. These days, the wireless routers are more popular since wi-fi internet is much more convenient. With a wireless router, it is possible for multiple gadget and computers to connect to the internet without bothering about cables or even having to pay additional fees. Continue reading

What is a Router?

Almost every single person these days is aware of what a router is. When the word router is mentioned, the first thing that probably comes into your mind is a rectangular, box-shaped device which is necessary for your internet connection. But not everyone knows how exactly this work. More importantly, most people are unaware of the differences among all the types of routers that are available these days. Continue reading