What is the Best Sky Router?

For the customers of Sky Broadband, the availability of Sky Broadband SR101 is a big advantage. Using this one at their home or small office would give more value to their money. It does not only look good, it also has impressive set of features. Continue reading

How to Setup a Sky SR101 Router

Aside from the impressive design of the Sky SR101 Router, this is also a great option for users because of how easy it is to set up. Though the expert technicians from Sky are so willing to lend a helping hand when it comes to setting things up, users can also opt to do it on their own. Continue reading

Sky Broadband SR101 Router Hub Review

There has been a major buzz in the market long before the Sky Broadband SR101 Router Hub was officially introduced. People are so eager to get one because of the amazing specifications that this router has. True enough, when this was finally released, users were truly satisfied with its performance. Continue reading

Sky Broadband Sagem F@ST2504N Router Review

The Sagem F@ST2504N Router is among the best routers that are offered by Sky. This is ideally made for home use but since it is designed for extensive use, it can also be used for small office set-up. Continue reading

Sky Broadband Sagem 2504 Router Review

One mistake that people often make when picking a router is that they focus too much on every miniscule technical specification that they already forget about the more important aspects. It is true that picking a good router can be very difficult these days because it seems like each one has an advantage over the other. The good thing is that, for Sky subscribers, they no longer have to go through the tedious selection process. The company has taken the extra mile to test and hand-pick a router that matches the services that they provide. Continue reading

Sky Broadband Sagem 2304N Router Review

The Sagem 2304N Router is one of the latest ones that are provided along with the Sky Broadband packages. Sky has carefully picked a router which will work perfectly along with the broadband packages that they are offering to their subscribers. For customers who want to avoid the network bugs and incompatibility issues, it is best to rely on this router. It has the specifications and functions which are needed to fully enjoy the services of Sky. Continue reading

Sky Broadband Netgear DG934G Router Review

Aside from having impressive features, routers should also look great. Having an unappealing and boring traditional router can give users some serious dilemma. Tucking it away from sight is quite a difficult challenge. The good news is that Sky Broadband is now providing their customers with a router that does not only function excellently but also looks really sleek. Continue reading

Sky Broadband Netgear DG834GT Router Review

When the brand Netgear is mentioned, people instantly assume that the product would have excellent performance and impressive durability. True enough, the routers that this company makes never fail to impress users. Hence, the partnership of Sky Broadband and Netgear really benefits thousands of subscribers. Continue reading

What is a Sky Router?

Should you opt for a Sky router? Will this satisfy your need for speed? Are the routers made by this company built to last for a long time? Sky Broadband provides only the best router for their customers. When you avail the packages from Sky, the router will already be included in the bundle. Of course, Sky would not want to ruin their reputation and lose the trust of their clients just because their routers do not deliver excellent performance. Continue reading

What Router Does Sky Broadband Provide?

wireless router

Sky Broadband is an internet service provider (ISP) that provides home and business internet connectivity. When you sign-up for Sky Broadband services, you will receive a router that not only enables you to receive internet service, but also enables more than one internet capable device in your home or office to connect to the internet simultaneously.

The router is the most important device that you will need to access the internet and to share the signal to other devices in your home. ISP’s used to provide a modem and a router. Modems were used to access the internet and routers to share the signal. Modems are now integrated with modern routers so it is no longer necessary to have two separate devices for internet access.

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