Internet Service Providers for your business – what to consider

Internet Service Providers for your business – what to considerIn this day and age, the internet is an essential that your business can’t afford to be without. Whether it’s creating digital invoices, allowing staff to work remotely, engaging in high definition video conferencing, keeping on top of breaking social media conversations, talking to your customers via live chat support or backing up what matters with cloud storage, the way to get business to boom is to get it online.

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ISPs uncovered: The basics behind Internet Service Providers

ISPs uncovered: The basics behind Internet Service Providers

An internet service provider (ISP) represents your gateway to all that the internet has to offer. It’s through an ISP that you gain access to the millions of web pages and videos that the internet has to offer, not to mention access to your emails, social networks and streaming accounts. So it really means that you should take great care when choosing the best ISP to suit your needs.

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Netgear Universal Internet Adapter for Home Entertainment 3D (XAVB5004)

Available for the lowest price of $149.99 (plus free shipping) from Dell Home

Does the emergence of Internet-ready high definition TVs, Blu-ray players, and gaming consoles overwhelm you? If so, you do not have to react so quickly and wire your home with CAT-5 cabling—you might want to look into getting the Netgear Universal Internet Adapter for Home Entertainment 3D (XAVB5004) first. This device is a four-port Gigabit Ethernet switch that can be installed right next to your home entertainment devices in a matter of mere minutes and without much effort. Continue reading

D-Link DHP501-AV Powerline AV 500 Adapter Starter Kit

Available for the lowest price of $98.24 from

Powerline networking is known for the utilization of one’s electrical wiring at home to send and receive data. This technology has been around for years, but until recently it has been held back by rather slow throughput speeds, interference from other electrical appliances, and the emergence of wireless networking (Wi-Fi) as the preferred home networking technology. But the latest crop of powerline devices cannot offer throughput speeds of up to 500 Mbps and are fortified against interference from all but the most power hungry appliances. Continue reading

D-Link Powerline AV 500 4-Port Gigabit Switch (DHP-540)

Available from various retailers for the suggested retail price of $199.99

The D-Link Powerline AV 500 4-Port Gigabit Switch (DHP-540) promises its users that bringing multiple Internet-ready devices online will be easy—and all without the hassle of running a CAT-5 cable throughout the entire house. This intelligent switch will use the electrical wiring in one’s home in order to send and receive data over the home network. However, at the list price of $199.99, the D-Link Powerline AV 500 DHP-540 is significantly more expensive than its competitor products in the market, which offer roughly the same performance and give the users a more impressive set of features. Continue reading

Netgear Powerline AV 500 Adapter Kit (XAVB5001)

Available from various retailers at the suggested retail price of $159.99

The Netgear Powerline AV 500 Adapter Kit (XAVB5001) is one of the many devices in the market that promises to give users a much-wanted and much-needed boost in their wireless connections. There are plenty of advantages involved with a wireless network at home, but it is not exactly known for coming close to wired connectivity when it comes to throughput speed. Sadly, wiring one’s home with CAT-5 cabling can be problematic—it can be expensive and can easily become messy if you do not really know what you are doing. Continue reading

How to Check My TalkTalk Router Sync Speed

how_to_check_talktalk_router_sync_speedThe TalkTalk Telecom Group is a company that provides pay television, telecommunications, and Internet access services to consumers and businesses in the United Kingdom, and is currently one of the largest Internet service providers in the country. The company has operated broadband and landline telephone services ever since 2003, when it was first launched. Following the purchase of the UK Internet service provider division of AOL broadband services under the AOL Broadband brand are also provided, as well as some AOL content partnerships available for TalkTalk customers. Continue reading

How Do Internet Boosters Work?

One of the most common and most frustrating problems in today’s modern world is a slow Internet connection. There are plenty of ways this little phenomenon can inconvenience people—almost everything can be done over the Internet these days, including business and commerce. So how does one come up with a solution to this pressing problem? One of the best solutions out there is the use of Internet boosters. Continue reading