TalkTalk D-Link DSL-2680 Router Review

The D-Link DSL-2680 Router is one of the units which TalkTalk includes in the broadband packages. This comes in a little black box which disguises the power and function that it can deliver. It looks very simple and one can easily assume that it does not have the technical requirements that are needed for today’s demanding internet usage, but that it not true at all. This router is ideal for use in both homes and small offices. Continue reading

How to Enable UPnP on a TalkTalk Router?

If you are a subscriber of the TalkTalk broadband service, you will be provided with a free wireless router that you can use for your connection. If you are quite the gadget aficionado and you often find yourself trying to connect other devices to your router, you have the option to activate UPnP or Universal Plug and Play on your router. This will make it easy for you to connect your devices, such as gaming consoles (Xbox360, PlayStation3, Nintendo Wii), to your network. The instructions for enabling UPnP for each router may differ depending on the brand of your router. Here are some basic instructions that can help you out. Continue reading

Can I Use My TalkTalk Router for Another Broadband Provider?

Different broadband services can mostly use different types of routers, so you are free to choose your router. This also means that if you are subscribed to another broadband service provider, you can use a router that previously came from TalkTalk, as long as the new provider does not tell you that your specific router’s model is not compatible with their service. Continue reading

What Router does TalkTalk Use?

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TalkTalk subscribers can use many different types of routers, but if you choose to buy a router directly from TalkTalk, you can only choose from what the company has available. TalkTalk’s collection of Wi-Fi routers for sale is rather limited and only include: Continue reading