How to Choose a Wireless Router?

Choosing a wireless router does not require rocket science. This is something that anyone can do successfully. If you are searching for the perfect wireless router, too, all you really need to do is to familiarize yourself with a few basic aspects that matters when it comes to routers.

If it is just your first time, it is okay to feel a bit intimidated. Afterall, you will be bombarded with all the technical jargons like 802.11g, 802.11n, ADSL, ISP and all other related terminologies. To avoid the feeling of being too exhausted because of all the details, here are the top 6 features that you should be aware of so you can save yourself from a splitting headache. Continue reading

What is the Best Wireless Router?

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Technologies change, so the list of the best wireless routers change a lot too. Nowadays, the best wireless routers are those that meet the following standards: Continue reading

How to Choose the Best WiFi Router


Wireless router

One of the most confusing part of setting up your household or office Internet connection is choosing the right WiFi router to use. Most WiFi routers will appear very similar at first, so it’s hard to differentiate them, let alone choose. Doing so requires at least a basic level of knowledge about the technical attributes of wireless routers. Here’s a quick list that you can use in choosing the best WiFi router for you. Continue reading