BTNet Leased Line Review

Does BTnet really have the right to claim that they are the leading provider for leased line? It is true that there are plenty of options in the market these days when it comes to leased lines. That is why, owners and managers for various businesses find it difficult to choose which one to pick. Continue reading

Sky Broadband SR101 Router Hub Review

There has been a major buzz in the market long before the Sky Broadband SR101 Router Hub was officially introduced. People are so eager to get one because of the amazing specifications that this router has. True enough, when this was finally released, users were truly satisfied with its performance. Continue reading

TalkTalk Netgear WG111 Wireless Adapter Review

Internet users today no longer want to be fixed in a single spot just so they could go online. That is why, it is important to have a wireless connection. This is perfect especially because computers and devices are becoming more and more portable and they can be brought along so easily. TalkTalk understands the desire of people to enjoy mobility when using their laptop computers and other portable gadgets. Hence, they worked along with a very reputable company, Netgear, to be able to deliver WG111 Wireless Adapter to their customers. Continue reading

TalkTalk Netgear DGB2000 Router Review

TalkTalk includes a durable router along with their packaged broadband offers. Yes, the company only relies on brands that have been tested and trusted over the years. However, there are some customers who feel the need to change the provided router because they are not satisfied with its performance or they feel that they are unable to maximize the speed of the internet connection that TalkTalk provides. Continue reading

Benefits of the TalkTalk Huawei HG533 Router

Some people easily assume that there are only a few routers brands in the market that can deliver fast and reliable internet connection. Truth is, when it comes to choosing a router, the popularity of the brand is not the only thing that is important. There are other more essential aspects to consider like functionality, features, ease of use and durability. Continue reading

Benefits of the TalkTalk Huawei Echolife Routers

The Echolife routers from Huawei are an excellent investment. This is one of the few router brands in the market these days which can be trusted. Because of the excellent performance of this router brand, there is no reason to question why a company that is as reputable as TalkTalk would work hand in hand with them. Yes, these routers are included in the broadband packages that TalkTalk offers to their customers. Since this ISP understand how important it is to have a router that can handle fast speed and extensive use, they hand-picked the Echolife routers from Huawei to give to their customers. Continue reading

TalkTalk Huawei HG532 Router Review

Among the routers which TalkTalk provides for their customers, the Huawei HG532 is among the best ones. This is a reliable router which gives excellent connection. For TalkTalk subscribers who have received this router, they do not find themselves wanting to buy another one because its performance is impressive. Continue reading

TalkTalk D-Link DWA-140 Wireless N USB Adapter Review

People who would like to experience improved network connection and better internet speed already have a quick and convenient solution. That is, the D-Link DWA-140. This is the perfect companion for any laptop or desktop computer which demands for better Wi-Fi connection. Yes, a simple device which comes in very small packaging can greatly boost the wireless connection.

Continue reading

TalkTalk D-Link DSL-2780 Router Review

It is true that great things come in small packages. The TalkTalk D-Link DSL-2780 Router is a proof of this because the router may seem like a small and charming router but its performance is also very impressive. Continue reading

TalkTalk D-Link DSL-2680 Router Review

The D-Link DSL-2680 Router is one of the units which TalkTalk includes in the broadband packages. This comes in a little black box which disguises the power and function that it can deliver. It looks very simple and one can easily assume that it does not have the technical requirements that are needed for today’s demanding internet usage, but that it not true at all. This router is ideal for use in both homes and small offices. Continue reading