D-Link Amplifi DAP-1525 Wi-Fi Booster

Available for the lowest price of $119.99 (plus free shipping) from Dell SMB

The unique design of the D-Link Amplifi DAP-1525 Wi-Fi Booster is enough to turn heads—in fact, it might be the most unique-looking Wi-Fi extender we will ever see in the market. The design closely resembles a thermos or an electric coffee grinder, and it is kind of weird to see this shape out of the appliance store. However, do not let the novelty of the design lead you to dismiss this device—it is packed with a lot of functionality. But no device is actually perfect, so you can still expect a couple of quirks in the interface and other problems with this odd-looking Wi-Fi booster from D-Link. Continue reading

Can I Use My TalkTalk Router for Another Broadband Provider?

Different broadband services can mostly use different types of routers, so you are free to choose your router. This also means that if you are subscribed to another broadband service provider, you can use a router that previously came from TalkTalk, as long as the new provider does not tell you that your specific router’s model is not compatible with their service. Continue reading

How to Choose a Wireless Router?

Choosing a wireless router does not require rocket science. This is something that anyone can do successfully. If you are searching for the perfect wireless router, too, all you really need to do is to familiarize yourself with a few basic aspects that matters when it comes to routers.

If it is just your first time, it is okay to feel a bit intimidated. Afterall, you will be bombarded with all the technical jargons like 802.11g, 802.11n, ADSL, ISP and all other related terminologies. To avoid the feeling of being too exhausted because of all the details, here are the top 6 features that you should be aware of so you can save yourself from a splitting headache. Continue reading

Why Should I Upgrade My Router to Wireless AC?

The wireless 802.11ac protocol promises to be the fastest wireless protocol when it is officially released. The protocol is still in its draft stages and the finalized version is expected to come out mid to late 2013. When it does come out, you can expect routers and other wireless devices capable of the new protocol to flood the market. Many wireless users will start to upgrade their home networks to wireless AC, but is this really necessary? Let’s examine some of the reasons why upgrading your home network to this new protocol would be beneficial. Continue reading

Which Wireless Router Has the Best Range?

In the world of wireless home networks, speed and distance matter. In order to get the best wireless connectivity experience, you will need a router that not only prices excellent wireless connectivity speeds, but can also provide those speeds all throughout your home. It really won’t be fun if you could only get high wireless connectivity speeds if you were located right in front of your router. Continue reading

What Router is the Best for Wii?

To get the most challenging and stimulating experiences from your Nintendo Wii or the new Nintendo Wii U games console, you can hook it up to a gaming internet router and use it to access the wealth of gaming experiences available online. There are lots of gaming routers that are compatible with the Nintendo Wii; in fact, most top brands such as D-Link, Linksys, Netgear, Belkin, and so on offers routers that can be used with the Wii. Nintendo itself tested several routers and gives its own recommendations about which are best for use with the Wii. Continue reading

What WiFi Router is the Best for iPhone 4?

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According to Apple, the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S is already equipped to support 802.11n wireless connections. It is also compatible with 802.11b and 802.11g, previous wireless standards. However, it also says that when you use 802.11n, you can only access the 2.4GHz frequency. This tells us a lot about what kind of router is best to use with an Apple iPhone 4 or 4S. Continue reading

What Router does TalkTalk Use?

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TalkTalk subscribers can use many different types of routers, but if you choose to buy a router directly from TalkTalk, you can only choose from what the company has available. TalkTalk’s collection of Wi-Fi routers for sale is rather limited and only include: Continue reading

What Router is the Best for Xbox 360 Live?

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The Microsoft Xbox 360 Live is one of the most popular online gaming network services nowadays. This service allows Microsoft Xbox 360 owners to enjoy multi-player games (e.g. Call of Duty 3, Skyrim, Halo 4, and Battlefield 3) over a suitable Internet connection. But in order to use this special feature, you need to buy a wireless receiver to connect the Xbox 360 console to a wireless router. But for you to fully enjoy this feature, you need to choose the best online gaming router. Continue reading

What Router is the Best for Home?

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If you’re looking for a router for your home, what you need is one that provides stable connection, one that maximizes your Internet connection’s speed, and one that uses the latest wireless technology to connect you to the Internet. But as a home user, you don’t have in-house tech support to help you deal with IT problems, so it is also important that your router is simple and easy to use. These routers should be able to create a network and connect to the Internet without the need for many technical adjustments. Most importantly, as a home user, you should look for the best deal possible. Continue reading