Top 5 Benefits of DIA (Direct Internet Access)

DIA or Dedicated Internet access would not be such a popular option if not for the fact that it does deliver amazing results. Since businesses these days have more and more complex needs when it comes to networking and internet connection, it is important to find solutions which will satisfy these needs. With DIA, entrepreneurs are able to experience awesome connection which is vital in pushing the progress of their business. Continue reading

How Fast are Leased Lines?

Dealing with this question means understanding the various available options that are offered by service providers these days. The packages involve varying speed and this is an advantage for businesses because it means more flexibility for them. Entrepreneurs can choose the speed which will be appropriate for the requirements of their company. No need to pay for a speed which they would not be able to max out and they do not have to settle with a network connection that could not support the applications that are necessary for the business. Continue reading

How Can DIA (Direct Internet Access) Benefit My Business?

In many cases, it is true that you only get what you pay for. However, when it comes to Dedicated Internet Access or DIA, you would most likely get more than what you are spending for your networking needs. Continue reading

Advantages of Leased Line Internet over Business Broadband

A lot of people think that broadband and leased lines are just one and the same. This is absolutely not true! Though both pave way to having a means of connecting to the internet, there are certain technical aspects which make one different from the other. Continue reading

Advantages of Leased Line Connections

Leased line connection is the most ideal type of networking service for businesses these days. Whether it is a simple home-based office headquarters that is linked to other branches or an immensely big company with multiple branches, this type of connection is the best choice.

Continue reading

Sky Broadband Sagem 2504 Router Review

One mistake that people often make when picking a router is that they focus too much on every miniscule technical specification that they already forget about the more important aspects. It is true that picking a good router can be very difficult these days because it seems like each one has an advantage over the other. The good thing is that, for Sky subscribers, they no longer have to go through the tedious selection process. The company has taken the extra mile to test and hand-pick a router that matches the services that they provide. Continue reading

TalkTalk Netgear DGB2000 Router Review

TalkTalk includes a durable router along with their packaged broadband offers. Yes, the company only relies on brands that have been tested and trusted over the years. However, there are some customers who feel the need to change the provided router because they are not satisfied with its performance or they feel that they are unable to maximize the speed of the internet connection that TalkTalk provides. Continue reading

TalkTalk Netgear DG834PN Router Review

The inclusion of Netgear DG834PN Router in broadband plans that are provided by TalkTalk makes customers feel that every cent they spend is really worth it. This router is one of the more sophisticated routers from Netgear. It does not only look good but it also has exceptional performance. Continue reading

TalkTalk Huawei EchoLife HG520b Router Review

Huawei has established a reputable name that is behind the top Telco’s today, like TalkTalk. Their products showcase excellent performance and reliability. The TalkTalk Huawei EchoLife HG520b Router is another example of the praiseworthy products from the company. Continue reading