TalkTalk YouView TV Review

Subscribers of TalkTalk now have something else to look forward to aside from superb internet connection and stable network services. Without a doubt, the services of the company just get better and better. For those who want to enjoy internet TV content to their Freeview HD recorder, then the TalkTalk YouView TV is the key to fulfilling their dreams. Continue reading

Why MPLS Internet is Better Than Leased Lines

Is it true that MPLS is far better than leased lines? For extensive use of network connections, greater need for large bandwidth and demand for consistent and fast speed, it is better to rely on MPLS. Leased lines can also do a great job when it comes to creating a stable network and delivering impressive speed. However, for businesses which have more complex requirements for networking, the design and technology for MPLS is more appropriate. Continue reading

How can a leased line benefit my business?

Are you still stuck and wondering whether getting a leased line is a smart decision for your business? Entrepreneurs do need to be wise when it comes to making decisions about the way they would spend the company’s money. Since the monthly fees of leased line packages are not exactly measly, then proper assessment is a must. Continue reading

Sky Broadband Sagem 2504 Router Review

One mistake that people often make when picking a router is that they focus too much on every miniscule technical specification that they already forget about the more important aspects. It is true that picking a good router can be very difficult these days because it seems like each one has an advantage over the other. The good thing is that, for Sky subscribers, they no longer have to go through the tedious selection process. The company has taken the extra mile to test and hand-pick a router that matches the services that they provide. Continue reading

Sky Broadband Sagem 2304N Router Review

The Sagem 2304N Router is one of the latest ones that are provided along with the Sky Broadband packages. Sky has carefully picked a router which will work perfectly along with the broadband packages that they are offering to their subscribers. For customers who want to avoid the network bugs and incompatibility issues, it is best to rely on this router. It has the specifications and functions which are needed to fully enjoy the services of Sky. Continue reading

Benefits of the TalkTalk Huawei Echolife Routers

The Echolife routers from Huawei are an excellent investment. This is one of the few router brands in the market these days which can be trusted. Because of the excellent performance of this router brand, there is no reason to question why a company that is as reputable as TalkTalk would work hand in hand with them. Yes, these routers are included in the broadband packages that TalkTalk offers to their customers. Since this ISP understand how important it is to have a router that can handle fast speed and extensive use, they hand-picked the Echolife routers from Huawei to give to their customers. Continue reading

TalkTalk Huawei HG521 Router Review

TalkTalk deserves commendation for including Huawei HG521 Router with their network connection packages. This is designed to fit the impressive broadband connection that TalkTalk offers. With its top of the line features and impressive performance, users would surely be able to enjoy the connection speed that TalkTalk provides. Continue reading

Where are the best broadband and phone packages?

There are plenty of broadband deals on sale from a wide range of Internet service providers, and it can be quite easy to be bogged down in tons of jargon such as download speeds, gigabytes, megabits, data allowances, ADSL, and other such terms. It seems like these companies are conspiring to confuse the Internet novice who just want to hook up his or her computer with a reliable broadband connection. Continue reading

Cheapest broadband deals: Are they the best?

In this day and age, more and more people are becoming conscious of the cost of the services that they subscribe to. As a result, more and more companies are designing their service packages to become affordable to many of their customers. Over the last few years, we have witnessed a fast reduction of Internet service prices, and more people have had access to the Internet because of the cheaper price tags.

Continue reading

TalkTalk Huawei HG533 Router Review

TalkTalk has recently unveiled its new wireless router, the Huawei HG533. This will be provided for free to all subscribers of TalkTalk’s Plus package. The newest router was revealed upon the publication of the trial that TalkTalk had conducted on it recently. Continue reading