10 Ways to Increase Your Wi-Fi Signal

In this day and age, one of the most important questions asked on a daily basis is: “How do I increase the range of my wireless connection?” Most people find a profound kind of frustration over problematic connection, dropped connections, poor throughput, and no connection at all. All these problems can be caused by a signal that is not extending from the router to your laptop, smartphone, smart TV or netbook. There are many reasons why the signal might be too weak, which is why coming up with a single uniform solution for a weak wireless signal is next to impossible. Continue reading

What is a Leased Line?

A leased line is a premium internet connection that is provided for business establishments these days. In the U.K., this is also referred to as Private Circuit or Data Line. When businesses opt for a leased line, they would need to settle a contract with an internet service provider and this paves way to the creation of a symmetric communications line between a main location and several other branches. Continue reading

Sky Broadband Sagem F@ST2504N Router Review

The Sagem F@ST2504N Router is among the best routers that are offered by Sky. This is ideally made for home use but since it is designed for extensive use, it can also be used for small office set-up. Continue reading

TalkTalk Netgear WG111 Wireless Adapter Review

Internet users today no longer want to be fixed in a single spot just so they could go online. That is why, it is important to have a wireless connection. This is perfect especially because computers and devices are becoming more and more portable and they can be brought along so easily. TalkTalk understands the desire of people to enjoy mobility when using their laptop computers and other portable gadgets. Hence, they worked along with a very reputable company, Netgear, to be able to deliver WG111 Wireless Adapter to their customers. Continue reading

Benefits of the TalkTalk Huawei HG533 Router

Some people easily assume that there are only a few routers brands in the market that can deliver fast and reliable internet connection. Truth is, when it comes to choosing a router, the popularity of the brand is not the only thing that is important. There are other more essential aspects to consider like functionality, features, ease of use and durability. Continue reading

TalkTalk D-Link DSL-2740R Router Review

The popularity of TalkTalk heightened even more especially when they distributed the TalkTalk D-Link DSL-2740R Router along with their broadband plans. It is a powerful router which really maximized the speed and stability that TalkTalk gives to the homes and small offices of their customers. With its advanced technology and careful engineering, this router never fails to impress users. Continue reading